Bogart the Explorer features Boracay - the 'funniest video ever'

Manila, Philippines - Filipino Youtube sensation, Marco Ho popularly known as Bogart the Explorer of Davao City released his newest video dubbed as one of the 'funniest travel episodes ever' made on video-sharing channel PaperbugTV.

Bogart the Explorer features Boracay

Bogart and his team returned to Boracay to feature the ultimate travel destination in the country. This is in time for the celebration of their third anniversary on Youtube.

"Here it is, mates! OUR latest creation! Join me and my team as we return to the island of fappable photos, where the year long dress code is sizzling, and where people party so hard that alcohol is practically a blood type! ENJOY!," Bogart the Explorer said.

Bogart the Explorer is known for his Australian accent and dressed like the late wildlife expert Steve Irwin. Bogart's explorations of Filipino "wildlife" include his take on snatchers, upper-class people, the "kapre" and practically anything else on local culture.

The comedian started as a “PA” (production assistant). Bogart has also worked as a call center agent, and that’s where he learned his good English accent. But even before his call-center stint, he really had this unique talent with various accents. It actually made him the “clown” whenever he was with his friends.

The 2012 GlobeTatt Awardee on 'The Exporer' category is also a drummer and can do event hosting.

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