Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Hands-on Review

Are you looking for a smartphone that combines style, speed, performance and economy? Get your hands ready for Nokia’s latest burner as the new Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM hits the Philippine market this May 30, 2014.

The Lumia 630 Dual SIM was launched initially at Microsoft’s Build Conference in San Francisco last April. This new flagship dual SIM version is capable of operating with two SIMs of different network. How about that? Great deal, right?

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Now, after getting my hands on this sleek and hip smartphone, let me share some reviews and thoughts why you should get this smartphone if you are considering buying a new phone.

Build: Designed for Style and Comfort

Designed on a 129.4 x 66.7 x 9.2 mm dimension with a 4.5-inch LCD Gorilla Glass screen, holding this thin Lumia does not, in any way, violate the ergonomics of an average grasp. Your thumb can easily reach both sides of the display for a more comfortable touch and type, not to mention the light weight at 134 grams.

Nokia Lumia 630  Build: Designed for Style and Comfort

Moreover, comfort will not compromise your sense of style. The sleek build matched with the hip colors of matte plastic with smooth contours presses on the image of a stylish device you’ll want to flaunt around. With only three physical buttons, the up and down volume, and power buttons, the concept of minimalism will definitely lessen your life’s complexities.

3-Button Minimalistic Design: Up and Down Volume and Power Buttons
3-Button Minimalistic Design: Up and Down Volume and Power Buttons

The matte plastic somehow makes the impression of a phone housing or casing. Aside from that, similar with its Lumia predecessors, the Lumia 630 is a close look-alike of the iPhone5c which was japed of imitating Nokia’s Lumia.

By removing the overall cover of the back of the phone, you can access the battery, the SIM slots and the memory slot. To open, you have to do some bending of the matte plastic body at the middle part while pulling the upper portion the camera. Upon purchase, there is a sticker at the back showing an image of how to remove the back cover.

Nokia Lumia 630 back cover
Matte-plastic back cover. To open, push the middle part 
of the cover and pull the top-most edge of the cover.

Rear View Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM
Back view: Rear access to the 2 SIM slots, battery and the micro-SD memory card

Performance: The Smooth Move

Running on Windows 8.1 via quad-core 1.2-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, Adreno 305 GPU and 512 MB of RAM, this slicker will give you your own dose of smoothness experience. This is evident in the transition process, while you’re switching from one application to another, considering the number of running apps and stand-by processes. Even while running low on battery, no lag has been experienced. But similar to the other smartphones, the true test of speed is in the long run. Once you have fully equipped the storage, exhausted the memory and worn out the battery.

Enticing Display

Equipped with a 16M-color IPS LCD capacitive screen, the Lumia 630 gives a crispy and vivid display, accommodating approximately 218 pixel density all endowed in a 4.5-inch Gorilla glass. I said “enticing display” because the very vivid and crispy display would surely catch your attention, drawing you to get hold of the phone, browse and explore it, and experience it. Try holding and simply swiping on the screen left and right. You’ll find yourself engrossed simply at the display.

The Lumia 630’s crispy and vivid LCD
The Lumia 630’s crispy and vivid LCD

Camera: The Winning Piece

Never underestimate the Lumia 630’s 5-Megapixel camera. Despite being under-equipped compared to the 8 and 16-Megapixel camera phones, Lumia 630 can still deliver the same photography experience. It also gives you the freedom of taking shots either via automatic or manual setting.

I have taken some photos using the Lumia 630 camera using both the automatic setting and the manual setting.

Nokia Lumia 630 indoor photo using automatic setting
Lumia 630 indoor photo using automatic setting

Lumia 630 camera at dusk using automatic setting
Lumia 630 camera at dusk using automatic setting

For the more experienced photographers, those who can mix and match photography parameters such as f-stop, shutter speed, brightness and focus, can maximize the camera capability of the Lumia 630. You can adjust these camera settings to create different effects to your photos. Zoom is also available. You can simply pinch-in to zoom in; or pinch-out to zoom out.

Lumia 630 camera with the adjustment wheel at the right
Lumia 630 camera with the adjustment wheel at the right

Lumia 630 zoom out view
Lumia 630 zoom out view

Lumia 630 while zooming-in on the subject
Lumia 630 while zooming-in on the subject
Lumia 630 photo zoomed-in
Lumia 630 photo zoomed-in

Despite these competitive camera capabilities, there are some basic camera points for enhancement that the Lumia 630 could improve on.

Firstly, I find the camera app too slow to initialize the camera. It will approximately take 3 seconds after pressing the camera tile before it opens the camera. Good luck in catching those stolen shots or spur-of-the-moment pictures.

Secondly, there is no front camera. In this age of selfies, we-fies and video calls, the front camera should be a de-facto standard.

Lastly, there is no flash for the primary camera. Though the camera can automatically adjust its brightness, you are still helpless when taking pictures in total darkness.

Useful Features

One messaging feature that stood out is the Word Flow, a Swype-like feature where you can swipe your finger over the letters instead of typing each letter to create a message. It is intuitive, smooth and accurate. It only supports English as of writing.

Lumia 630’s Word Flow
Lumia 630’s Word Flow

They also have the Microsoft Office Mobile pre-installed for free. You can view, edit and create files in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint while on the go.

Microsoft Office Mobile

It also comes in with Nokia Here Maps, Nokia’s reliable mapping system; Nokia Cinemagraph, Nokia’s GIF-like making app that creates a moving picture; and the Nokia Creative Studio, Nokia’s photo editing application.

Easy Phone-PC Transfer

Accessing the phone via PC to transfer photos and music to and fro is very easy. All you have to do is to download the Windows Phone App for Desktop and you’re good to go.
Windows Phone App for Desktop
Windows Phone App for Desktop

What’s in the Box?

What you’ll find inside the box is the Lumia 630 itself, a micro-USB charger, and some manuals. No earphones, USB connector or USB-on-the-go connector so it’s a little bit less than the ordinary. Nevertheless, it is vying a very competitive price so it’s still a great deal.


The Lumia 630 is a performing phone for its price. Considering its SRP of approximately PHP 8,000.00, you will experience a fast and responsive ecosystem plus the camera prowess of a DSLR. This is very appropriate for those individuals who are deeply attached to social messaging and social networking. Swipe your messages away in Viber, Line and Skype using the keyboard with a very user-friendly graphical user interface, and the Word Flow of course! Plus the awesome camera for posting pictures on social networking.

Mondi Sto. Tomas is an Electronics and Communications Engineer who enjoys traveling. Luckily, his nature of work allows him to travel and explore places, and meet different kinds of people. He loves reading, playing basketball, and cooking. Get in touch with him on twitter: @mondiboi

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