SC moves oathtaking of 2013 bar exam passers on May 5, 2014

Manila, Philippines - The Supreme Court (SC) through Public Information Office (PIO) announced today, April 25, 2014 that the oathtaking of October 2013 bar exam passers has been moved to May 5, 2014 (Monday, 2 PM) at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City.

Oathtaking October 2013 bar exam exam passers moved

This rescheduling was prompted by concerns relating to the security arrangements made for the visit of the US President Barack Obama, falling on the same day as the original schedule of the oath-taking, which is Monday, April 28, 2014.

"While we are not at liberty to reveal what the extent of the security arrangements are, we have been informed that they are quite restrictive and will pose serious inconvenience to access to PICC as well as disruption and delay to the schedule set by the Court for that day. These restrictions may also detract from the solemnity and joyous nature of the occasion," SC said.

Considering the time available and the number of people involved (1,174 inductees plus guests and personnel of the SC), PIO said it was not possible to obtain an alternative venue in another location in such short notice although the same was considered as an option to resetting the oath taking.

The announcement of PIO on Twitter was made even before any formal announcements of traffic schemes or re-routing.

Here are the new schedule of oathtaking and signing of the roll as released SC:

May 5, 2104, 2 PM: Oath taking of the 2013 bar passers;
May 6, 2014: signing of the roll for those originally scheduled for April 29;
May 7, 2014: signing of the roll for those originally scheduled for April 30;
May 8, 2014: signing of the roll for those originally scheduled for May 2;

"We ask for your understanding as the circumstances that prompted the decision are beyond the control of the Court. We look forward to welcoming the 1,174 new lawyers on May 5 at the special en banc session of the Court at the PICC starting at 2 PM.", SC added.

The 2013 bar exam list of passers was released by SC on March 18, 2014. Before the date of release of full results, SC already announced that the tentative oathtaking date for the passers of bar exam is set on April 28. Associate Justice Arturo Brion was the Chairman for the 2013 bar exam.

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