WATCH: Ryan Bang performs 'Billy-Vhong' dance craze

Comedian-host Ryan Bang stepped up for the embattled Vhong Navarro to perform the dance craze dubbed "Billy-Vhong" during an episode of "It's Showtime" on Saturday, February 15, 2014.

Ryan Bang performs 'Billy-Vhong' dance craze

Ryan, along with Billy Crawford, did the "Billy-Vhong" dance at the start of show's segment, "Sine Mo 'To". Ryan's funny performance catched attention of live audience and netizens.

Watch the viral video of Ryan Bang dancing the 'Billy-Vhong' craze here:

"Billy-Vhong" dance craze is one of the most-awaited segments on It's Showtime. The segment was temporarily set aside due to the absence of Vhong Navarro in the said show since January 22 mauling incident in Taguig.

Meanwhile, Marc Logan reported early February that upload of the 'Billy-Vhong' dance video in social media increased as die-hard fans missed the segment.

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