WeChat 5.1 Conquers Arcade with GunZ Dash

From the Mario Bros. era until today, arcade has always been a part of the gaming genre that people from all ages would love to play. And with mobility being the driving factor in at least the last 10 years, games have gained wider access through mobile phones and tablets.

WeChat 5.1 Gunz Dash

WeChat, the most searched social messaging app in the Philippines (Google Trends PH) and 5th most popular worldwide (Global Web Index Search), is an innovative mobile social communication application that has pioneered a wide range of creative methodologies such as QR code scanning, “Shake”, and “Look Around”. With the latest 5.1 update, it is has reached out to its 272 Million users by going beyond messaging and social networking and offering fun and addictive mobile phone arcade games under its portfolio.

Dash and Chase

A first among WeChat’s initial gaming offers, GunZ Dash is a side-scrolling adventure-filled arcade game set on a world of fantasies whose main goal is to rescue a kidnapped friend. The adventure begins with the strong and passionate player Leo running after his kidnapped friend. Users could eventually upgrade or change player into the gliding blonde beauty Nikita or the double jump expert Cutie Kattie after garnering enough coins or diamonds.

WeChat Gunz Dash characters

You can boost your performance by hitting the roads with a choice of trailblazing vehicles like Scooter, Apollo the Bike and Ice Wolf.

Need company on your journey? Travel buddies like coin-magnet Husky, helpful Scarlet and fly bud Cherry will chase with you while helping you with your other tasks or improving your run. All you have to do is gather enough coins or diamonds to unravel which travel buddy you will get.

Dash with Friends

For a more enjoyable run, invite friends to run and dash with you. You can compare scores by sharing it on WeChat and start beating each other’s records. Either in solo or multi-player mode, players could update their record and even monitor the score sheets for a more competitive approach.

GunZ Dash is the newest arcade game from WeChat 5.1 update. It comes with other feature enhancement updates such as increase in WeChat Group chat members, email sign-up, Gmail integration, cloud storage services for “Favorite Messages” and integration of StoryCam to WeChat for a more personalized photo sharing.

To download the latest updates on WeChat and GunZ Dash, visit WeChat website or check Google Playstore for Android and Apple App Store for iOS.

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