UP named 13,100 UPCAT passers AY 2014-2015 results; advised all takers

Manila, Philippines - The alphabetical list of passers for UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) for the academic year AY 2014-2015 is now posted online. A total of 13,100 UPCAT passers were named by UP early Monday morning, December 23, 2013. Aside from the full results, UP gave an advisory to all applicant who took exam in August 2013.

Full List of Passers can be viewed on the official website of UP. However, due to high volume of traffic on their servers, UP used mirror sites - preginet and stickbread solutions for us to access results.

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Advisory to all Passers of UPCAT AY 2014-2015

Official UPCAT results are posted at the Office of Admissions and each examinee will receive official notification by mail. Should any discrepancy in reporting exist, the information contained in the mailed notification shall take precedence over the results posted on the web.

Qualified but applicant has to clear deficiencies with the UP Office of Admissions starting on January 6, 2014.

Pending cases are not guaranteed admission into any campus/college of the University of the Philippines. For pending cases, all deficient requirements must be submitted on or before the 2nd week of February, 2014. For further details, please inquire at the UP Office of Admissions, Diliman, QC at Telefax no 9274561 or Tel no. (02)981-8500 loc. 3826 to 3831 starting on January 6, 2014.
Moreover, if your name was originally indicated as a pending case but now no longer appears on the list, this means that your case was resolved in favor of non-qualification into any of the campuses of your choice. Your non-qualifier's slip has been mailed to you c/o your school. You may also contact the office of admissions to check on your UPG as well as the options open to you. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Advisory to all non-Passers of UPCAT AY 2014-2015

If you did not make it to either of your campus choices you have two options:
FIRST: You can try other UP campuses IF:

 1 your UPG is within their cut-off, and
 2 they still have available slots.

Present your Non-Qualifier's Slip (which has been sent to you in the mail and which indicates your UPG) to the Office of the Registrar of the campus you want to enter. There is NO guarantee of acceptance as each campus makes its own decisions according to its own criteria.

SECOND: If no UP campus can accommodate you, you may enroll in a college or university other than UP. After earning at least 33 academic units with a weighted average of 2.00 or better in the UP marking system, you may apply for transfer into a UP campus.

UP Guidelines for Transfer from Other Universities and Colleges

Students with previous college work from another University or College who want to transfer to the University of the Philippines (UP) must satisfy all admission requirements of the accepting unit/college. Each campus has its own specific rules regarding transfer and accepts only a limited number of transfer students. Information on transfer to a specific UP unit may be obtained at the Office of the Registrar of the specific UP campuses (see below).

In general, you may be evaluated for admission as a transfer applicant provided that you: (1) present all academic units earned outside UP for evaluation; (2) have completed, outside the University, at least 33 academic units equivalent to UP courses; (3) meet the general weighted average (GWA) of the program applied for; Depending on the campus and degree program, the GWA requirement can be as high as 1.5, 1.75 or 2.0 for all the collegiate academic units taken outside UP (excluding vocational courses). University rules prescribe a minimum GWA of 2.0, 86%, or B for transfer admission into any program in the University. (4) satisfy other admission requirements of the admitting college/unit prescribed for each degree program such as an interview, a talent test or a written or oral examination; and (5) fall within the quota of the program at the time of application; Applicants shall be ranked according to the criteria set by the admitting program and the cut-off shall be determined by the college/unit based on their quota.

IMPORTANT: You will have to complete in the University at least 50% of the units required in the program. ALL upper division courses should be taken in the University.

To graduate with honors, you have to complete 75% of the required number of units and must be in residence for at least 2 years prior to graduation.

For information regarding:

(1) programs closed to transfer students,
(2) programs accepting transfer students,
(3) requirements to be submitted,
(4) submission of entrance credentials,
(5) validation for advanced credits, etc.

inquire directly at the Office of the Registrar of the specific UP campus.

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