iHanapKotse: Brand New, Used Cars for Sale Best Trading Online Place Philippines 2013

In the Philippines, brand new and used cars or vehicles buying and selling online has become widespread this 2013. Auto dealers and individual sellers upload photos and car specs, and potential buyers need only the comfort of their own home to window shop. Online car trading platforms enable buyers to search for new or second hand cars within minutes in places they wouldn't ordinarily know of or even think of the best marketplace.

Ferrari 599 Philippines

However, with the advancement of technology, there are many similar sites that have started popping up. So how do you know which one to go to?

In all honesty, these dealers would most likely list their cars in as many websites as they can in order to gain maximum exposure. Chances are these websites would all have the same listed cars, making no difference in choice and price. So now these websites are competing in what they can give that the other website cannot.

A great car trading website (to buy and sell new and used cars in the Philippines), iHanapKotse.com, has upped the competition with its many current features and in-development features. While seemingly the same as any other car trading website, it stands out the most by offering used car evaluation (this means buyers and sellers alike are given free consultations at their request if they need to know how much a used car model should cost given its year make, mileage, etc.) and their awesome customer service (and by customers, they mean the buyers and sellers).
Looking for new car- iHanapKotse is here.

iHanapKotse.com, one of the best car trading places in the Philippines 2013 has the following key features:
  • Quick Car Financing – iHanapKotse offers fast approval for the lowest car loan interest rates in the metro for both new and used cars.
  • Free car listing – unlike other websites, iHanapKotse offers free unlimited car listings to all of its registered users. All premium features are available for all.
  • Customized client experience – the nicest people in the world will make sure all your concerns are answered, whether or not you purchase a car through them. They don’t sell the cars after all, they only freely market it.
  • Customized seller experience – iHanapKotse has a team of “listers” who will personally take photos of the car/s to be sold and update the dealer’s car status so buyers don’t call the dealer asking to buy a car that’s already been sold.

But before you head out to buy a new used car, arm yourself with information. Maybe go around and look at new cars and interview the salesperson. It doesn't really matter that you’re not going to buy a new car, but at least you have something to compare the used car with.

Lastly, cars are expensive. So allot a budget not just for the car, but its maintenance for tune-ups and gas expenditures, as well as car insurance. Make sure you get insurance. EDSA motorists are brutal and you do not want to get hit with even the lightest scratch because that still costs big bucks for repair. So go look for insurance that is not just affordable but has good coverage and customer service.

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