Viral: Allan Soriano's 'frank calls' video irked netizens

    After the 'Amalayer' phenomenon last November 2012, another video goes viral this April. A netizen named Allan Soriano is now centered on issues for making 'frank calls'  that generally irked netizens. The video is now viral on social media after a guy on Facebook named ' Master, Wendell' shared the video.

    The video sparks online outrage for his 'frank calls' on major establishments in Metro Manila like Jollibee, LBC, Ace Hardware, BDO, Let’s Face It and SM. While doing the call, it is believed that he used a voice changer app to imitate personalities like Big Brother, Rufa Mae Quinto, and Boy Abunda. He was very happy in doing that mad activity!

    As of posting, there are more than 42,000 shares on the video and continuously earns negative comments on Facebook.

    Allan Soriano is a former student of St. Paul College of ParaƱaque according to reports. From his Facebook account, it shows he is a contestant of  'The Voice of the Philippines' who got a confirmation number either for the online or ground auditions. Disclaimer: Information is subject for further validation.

    He is the man behind 'DearAteCharo' accounts on Youtube and Twitter. According to him, the 'frank calls' video was made just for fun and not intended to hurt feelings.

    If you're going to track back on  his video postings, Soriano is one of the hundreds of netizens who made a video to comment about 'Amalayer' or 'Paula Salvosa'. Yes, he know that it's wrong to do some insult on a person while doing his job."

    Many say that Soriano now received the 'Karma' of his acts. Lately, he apologized online via Youtube. He expressed his sincerest apology for all the people he offended and to his previous school.

    Do you think he dethroned 'Amalayer' girl on his video? Is he really cyber-bullied?

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