Smart outperforms Globe on Q4 2012 NTC tests

Tests conducted by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) once again confirmed that the mobile network of wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) delivers superior service compared to Globe Telecoms (Globe).
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In its latest official press release, the NTC disclosed that not only did Smart pass all five Key Performance Indices (KPIs) for Q4 2012, but that it got far better results in every category.

“In the last series of NTC network tests we already scored 5-0. Once again, despite claims of competition of having ‘caught up’ with our super-charged network, our performance numbers speak for itself,” said PLDT-Smart Spokesperson Ramon Isberto.

Similar to the previous tests, the NTC’s monitoring teams conducted drive tests around Metro Manila covering 16 cities and 1 municipality for one (1) week during the month of December 2012.
A total of 1,000 random calls were made to determine the quality of service that the telcos rendered during the holiday season based on the following KPIs:

1)      Blocked Calls or Grade of Service (GoS)—percentage of calls that were not given access by the network.

2)      Dropped Call Rate (DCR)—percentage of on-going calls that were involuntarily terminated.

3)      Average Receive Signal Level—signal strength that was being provided by the serving cellsite to the mobile handset of the subscriber while a conversation is on-going.

4)      Average Signal Quality—the quality of voice transmission while a subscriber is using his mobile phone. The closer to “0”, the fewer errors in transmission.

5)      Call Set-Up Time—time required for the network to activate the called party

Drive tests which were conducted by top network suppliers in September 2012 also reinforces Smart’s claim as it bested competition in the same set of KPIs.

Photo: NTC conducted tests results

The said series of tests were part of the supplier’s certification process under the PLDT group’s P67.1 billion network transformation program which involved the upgrading and installment of key network elements such as base stations, antenna, and fiber optic cables.

“Aside from the impressive test results, the positive feedback from our subscribers—many of which happen to be satisfied switchers tell the story,” said Isberto.

Isberto refers to mobile subscribers that have “switched” or have left their old service provider in favor of Smart. 

In recent months, Smart has welcomed a number of switchers that have helped the company tally high growth numbers particularly in its postpaid call and text business.

Smart saw a 43.3% year-on-year growth of its postpaid subscriber base in the first 9 months of 2012. In Q3 2012, Smart Postpaid grew at its fastest rate in terms of revenue share with a 25% jump.

The company also maintains the highest Average Revenue per User (ARPU) in the industry.
“Discerning users are no longer willing to wait for a promise that may or may not happen. With Smart’s 100% super-charged mobile network, Smart subscribers can enjoy superior, reliable, world-class services right here and right now,” Isberto added.

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