Coca-Cola sees growth in flavor drops

Leading beverage company, Coca-cola announces the newest addition on their product line. It will not come on bottle nor in can but you have to squeeze drop into water for some spot of fruity flavor.

Coca-Cola's Dasani Drops
Photo: Coca-Cola's Dasani Drops

Sound interesting right? The new product is called Dasani Drops and will be available in the market by the coming weeks according to reports.

Coca-Cola believes that there will be a potential  on their new product. They bet a huge success after months of release.

“I think there’s an opportunity beyond just flavored waters,” said John Roddey, vice president of Coca-Cola’s water, tea and coffee business in North America.

A bottle of flavored drops will cost about $4 or about P170 and will contain 32 servings. If the flavor drops are successful, the company could move on to liquid drops for tea.

Flavor drops concept was pioneered by Kraft Food Inc.’s MiO, which was introduced in March of last year and has quickly spawned copycats, including by supermarkets that sell store-brand versions.

The flavor drops are popular because they come in small, portable containers that can be easily tucked into a purse or even back pocket. And unlike powdered drink packets, people can decide how much or little they want to squirt into their water.

A small bottle can also have more than two dozen servings, meaning people save money they’d spend on bottled teas or enhanced waters.

What do you think of this new product line?

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