Unlimited Smart LTE surfing until October 25, 2012

    Smart LTE had officially launched and it was confirmed that the initial plan for 10GB data capacity is lifted for about two months starting the launch date and effectively right after October 25, 2012 all subs must abide to the rule of data limit.
    Smart LTE PLAN 3500
    Photo: Smart LTE PLAN 3500
    GadgetMagazine says that "What we did learn was that if you get the LTE service now, you’re in for a treat – Smart is lifting the data cap for new subscribers until October 25, so essentially if you sign up now, you’ll be enjoying blistering speeds without data caps. Once October 25 rolls around though, you will have to abide by Smart’s 10GB per month rule. Go over that cap, and you’ll be charged Php 450 per 1GB."

    Smart is still on the phase of roll-out for LTE. For Metro Manila, there are around 24 LTE sites on-air and tested for the Smart LTE Beta period. Additional of 76 LTE sites has been on-aired recently to capture metrowide coverage. Smart is also planning to roll-out LTE in the key cities in the country by next month.

    Check out LTE locations in Metro Manila here.

    On the device front, Smart will initially be offering the LTE dongle for now, with an expected roll-out of the Pocket WiFi device next month. Unfortunately Smart was a bit vague on when exactly their LTE phones would land – it seems that LTE mobile phones are in high demand, and it will be a while before the telco gets their hand on LTE mobile devices for their LTE service. Rumors are that they’ll be able to get some on October at the earliest, but that’s currently unconfirmed.

    It seems that LTE is the hottest trend now as the rival Globe Telecomms already released their statement that next month will be their Globe LTE launch. Do you think it's true? Or just riding on with the hype of Smart LTE? From my understanding,  it takes about 5-10 months for a roll-out to happen from planning to testing of service without inclusion of the trial stage. Smart LTE undergoes for less than a year of testing and demo. Do you think Globe will follow- through the sequence? We'll find out.

    Smart LTE Plan 3500

    In most international markets, LTE and 4G plans come with a hefty price of around $20 per gigagbyte. Smart LTE gives you more. Much, much more. For less.

    With Smart LTE Plan 3500, you receive:
    • A Smart LTE dongle that is capable of going at blistering speeds of up to 42Mbps
    • 10GB of data  (starting October 25, 2012. For now, it's unli)
    • Expanded coverage in key cities around the Metro
    • Only for P3,500 per month

    * The Smart LTE dongle, worth P8,000, comes absolutely FREE on plan 3500.
    * Available starting August 25, 2012 in Metro Manila.

    Minimum System Requirements

    • Web Browser
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome, etc.

    Operating System

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • MAC Leopard
    • MAC Snow Leopard
    • MAC Lion


    • At least 200MB free Hard Disk Space
    • USB 2.0
    • 1GB RAM
    • Hardware requirements must meet the recommended specifications of the operating system


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