MVP joins Twitter, gains 7.9k followers in just few hours

    PLDT Group of Company Chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan popularly known as MVP officially joins Twitter August 24 morning in a keynote address for a digital marketing stakeholders’ conference in Makati  for 6th Internet and Mobile Marketing (IMMAP) Summit with a speech themed “Why My Heart is in Digital”.

    MVP Twitter account

    MVP first tweet says "Just came from What a group. The new movers and shakers. Thank you for having me. I'm glad it's over, what a relief :) ".

    For about 7 hours, MVP got 7, 900 + followers and counting and expected to close 8k folllowers at the end of the day.

    MVP creates social buzz this day as he spice up the conference with his latest jokes.

    “Indeed the digital universe is something to behold… Even my humor has gone digital,” Pangilinan said.

    He then gave several pick up lines during his speech, drawing laughter from the crowd.

    His first pick up line was: “Google ka ba? Kase nasa iyo na lahat ng hinahanap ko.”

    If you'll to ask his first follower, the answer is @interaksyon. Interaksyon is the online news portal of TV5, which is chaired by Pangilinan.

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