Mar Roxas new DILG Sec; Joseph Abaya as DOTC Chief

DOTC Secretary Manuel "Mar" Roxas II is confirmed as the new DILG Sec replacing  Jesse Robredo. It was confirmed by Budget Secretary Florencio Abad Friday morning to

Formal announcement will happen Friday morning with President Noynoy Aquino revealing plans for the DILG and DOTC departments.

Last night, quoting Palace sources, both the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star reported Roxas as the next DILG chief, replacing the late Secretary Jesse Robredo.

"Yes it is," Abad said in a text message Friday morning. "Abaya goes to DOTC."

Replacing Roxas at the Department of Transportation and Communications is Cavite Rep. Joseph Emilio Abaya, a former Navy officer who is finishing his last term as congressman.

Abaya, currently the chair of the powerful House Committee on Appropriations, was earlier seen as Robredo's likely replacement. No less than Roxas himself pushed for his appointment, telling reporters that given the chance, his choice for the DILG post would be Abaya.

Some of the reactions for the appointment of Mar Roxas as new DILG Sec:

mar1010des: Sec Mar Roxas is one of my choices to replace Sec Jesse Robredo, the other is Sentor Panfilo Lacson. Why, the two? Sen Panfilo Lacson has the courage and has integrity to do the job as DILG Head. Why, Mar Roxas? Sec Mar Roxas has clean image, yes he is elite but can mingle with the grassroots, if he was given an opportuniy and being the DILG Secretary is an opportune time to go to the grassroots all over the country,to help solve their problems. Since he is close to Sec Jesse, he knew the work of it and can settle what ever problem that Sec Jessse has encountered in that field. In my heart I believe Sec Mar Roxas is the best replacement to Sec Jesse Robredo. To the new DILG Secreatry, oxas, please do everything you can to make the life of every Filipinos to be dignified,to have food in every table, to be more educated, to have dignified shelter and be given and enjoy the basic needs of the society. Congratulations DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, we will support you in every way we can. Good luck.

Sly Berja Balinquit: Its a right move to place Mar as DILG sec. I believe that Mar has the integrity and is the best candidate for the position. Binay doesn't fit in this post due to some issues being dragged him with, he has to prove himself clean first.

Noreen San Luis-Lutey : Both men are highly qualified for the post. Men of integrity and competence. Godspeed to both!

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