Jesse Robredo legacy on leadership

    Jesse Robredo's death is one of the most talk-about for the past weeks due to the loss of icon in local governance. Jesse Robredo is the first local official awarded by the Ramon Magsaysay Award last 2000.
    Jesse Robredo death legacy on leadership
    Photo: Jesse Robredo

    The Ramon Magsaysay Awards described Robredo’s system of governance as ‘against patronage’ and instead enforced a "merit-based system of hiring and promotion by reorganizing and rewarding city employees on the basis of aptitude and competence." It said Robredo also successfully reduced gambling in Naga City. Then he relocated the bus and jeepney terminals outside the city center, ending gridlock and spurring new enterprises at the city’s edge. In partnership with business, he revitalized Naga’s economy. Public revenues rose and by 1990, Naga was a first class city again.

    Robredo, who died in a plane crash August 18 Saturday, was one of ISA’s board of trustees. ISA (Institute for Solidarity in Asia) is a nonprofit organization, has partnered with government agencies and local government units (LGUs) to implement a program called, Performance Governance System (PGS).

    His legacy will live forever.

    Pintor, senior program officer of PGS  said one of Robredo’s strongest legacies is the idea of multi-sectoral participation in government.

    Rama, Cebu City Mayor said he hopes that Robredo’s replacement will also focus on professionalizing the police and the fire department.

    PPSC, one of the attached agencies of the DILG, is behind the construction of the training school.
    One of Robredo’s programs was the granting of the Seal of Good Housekeeping award to LGUs that practice accountability and transparency.

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