Apple iPhone 5 priced Php 35K?

    Fans of the new iPhone 5 took to social media to express excitement on the alleged cost - Php 35K?
    Apple iPhone 5 priced Php 35K?

    Netizen @JAMESSEEKINGS_ wrote: " iPhone 5 $800? It better be bulletproof, waterproof, damage proof, dirt proof and also fireproof. Siri better twerk on demand too."

    At one point, the phrase "iPhone 5 $800" was the second most popular trending topic on Twitter worldwide, and the third most popular in the US. Also trending was the hashtag #800DollarsForAniPhone and "For $800".

    @Judith Solomon tweeted "iPhone 4 was more expensive than 800... Why are people freaking? ".  @omgComedy tweeted joke says "Dear $800 iPhone 5, Like it or not but THIS is why people hate you and love me. Sincerely, Galaxy S III". iPhone 5 $800? When I drop it, It better catch itself, from @SpeakComedy.

    While almost all the tweets criticize the purported price tag, almost none of them contain direct links to any stories from recognized news sources.

    Even though there is a redesign in the new iPhone, pricing is seem a staggering move away from Apple considering the 64GB model of the iPhone 4S launched last year, priced at just $399.

    After investigating, International Business Times found that an article on the gamenguide.com site recently featured a screengrab of a Chinese auction site bearing a picture supposedly of the iPhone 5 and the equivalent price tag of $800 to $1,000.

    However, the author of the article highlighted that the shot was most likely a scam and said that "pigs will fly" before the new iPhone costs that much.

    A recent Reuters report on the future of Apple stock did include the figure $800 but not in relation to iPhone pricing.

    Otherwise, a commentator recently posted on the phonesreview.co.uk website stating their prediction for the iPhone 5 price.

    "Propably [sic] $800-$900 US dollars for 64GB. That's excluding taxes," said the person.
    It is therefore likely that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever to the speculation about iPhone pricing.

    However, the reaction is interesting in itself, as it offers a fascinating insight into how a rumour can spread like wildfire in the new social media world with only a limited amount of information.

    This new generation iPhone is expected for launch this third quarter of the year and most probably by September as humors says.

    At this point also, official name for the next generation Apple phone is not yet released. Many believe and almost all says that it will be called "iPhone 5" but take note that Apple changed its strategy on the naming of their devices. Apple iPad3 as we called it is officially named "new iPad" so speculations said that it will be called "New iPhone".

    Gizmodo makes a pretty good case for why the device will almost certainly not be called the iPhone 5, beyond the above point. As the publication notes, the original 2G iPhone was just called the iPhone, the second one was called the iPhone 3G, the third one was called the 3GS, the fourth one was called the iPhone 4, and the fifth one was called the 4S. The major point being that the fifth generation iPhone already exists, and it’s not called the iPhone 5 (remember, that’s what everyone was calling that one too before it was unveiled).

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