SmartNet 'Headlines' New Hot App in Google Play Store

    Just read a news about this new application called HEADLINES created by Telecomm giant, Smart Communications and knowing the concept, I immediately downloaded it from SmartNet. The good news is, it is FREE app at the Play Store. 'Headlines' is open for all Android and of course Smart users. It is now running at Version 1.0.1 (released last July 1).
    Headlines Smart  android App
    Photo: Headlines, new app
    created by Smart

    With Headlines, you can read and share top stories and blogs of over 50 thousand publishers in the Philippines whenever and wherever you want it.

    Smart Headlines news aggregator
    Photo: News are aggregated
     in Headlines app

    Reviews from Google Play App Users:
    Rod says "I love the fact that the app is free when I'am using SmartNet's Internet On/Off (You need to download it separately. ) I hope they add more reliable publishers and I could select the categories I want to follow)."

    Download Headlines on Google Map
    Photo: Download HEADLINES
    now at Google Play

    Bobbie says "Awesome app for casual readers and for people who are always on the go, keeps you connected to the hottest news."

    So far, the average review for HEADLINES app  is 4.9 out of 5. Users really enjoy using HEADLINES app concept to aggregate news feeds in powerful applications and with partnership with the top platforms of  today.

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