Smart brings Live and Free Showing of Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight at Luneta

    Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is full support for the Pinoy's pride in the boxing aspect as it set-up a free and live showing of the much awaited fight of 2012, The Pacquiao vs. Bradley  at Luneta Park, Manila. The bout will be happening at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this Saturday, June 9 at 9 p.m. ET ( Sunday at Philippine Time).
    Pacquiao vs. Bradley toughest boxing fight 2012
    Photo: Pacquiao vs. Bradley,the toughest boxing fight of 2012
    Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Luneta Park is spacious enough to cater flock of masses that will cheer for Pacquiao's fight and victory tomorrow (Ph Time).

    Pacquio fans who will watch at Luneta Park could expect of best mobile services from Smart. I heard that it's 2G (text and voice service) and 3G(data service)  platforms were improved to satisfied subscribers at the event. Posting on Twitter, updating status on Facebook and other social media experience will definitely at it's best.

    With Smart's Twitter account (@SmartPromos), it encourage Filipinos to show support to the People's champ  before,during and after the fight through the hashtag #pinoyforPACMAN. Cinema ticket's were also given to all the contest winners.

    Here is the press release of Smart for the “live sharing”  for Pacquiao-Bradley fight in Rizal Park :

    "[07 June 2012] Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is set to make the entire world feel the excitement of Filipino boxing fans as it empowers thousands of fight-goers to share their opinions live online during the Pacquiao-Bradley outdoor viewing at the Rizal Park in Manila.

    Free and open to the public, a Social Feeds Wall which will feature real time Twitter and Facebook posts will be shown on an LED screen along with a live telecast of the fight. To enable the viewers to participate in the online discussions, Smart will provide free WiFi connectivity to the venue throughout the duration of the bout.

    “Smart lets you share life’s biggest moments with the entire world,” said Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Lloyd Manaloto. “With a simple post, you can partake in this historic occasion and show everyone across the planet that it really is more fun in the Philippines!” he said.
    Select users with laptops will also be able to try out Smart Evolution, the Philippines’ first and only fourth generation (4G) service powered by Smart’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) network.

    LTE allows for speeds of over 100Mbps and is accepted by critics and telecommunications companies worldwide as the fastest mobile Internet connection in existence.

    “With Smart’s high-speed network, you can share your thoughts and opinions faster and easier than ever before,” said Manaloto. “This leaves you more time to do other worthwhile activities that you also enjoy—Share More, Live More!” he added.

    Apart from showing the fight and providing Internet connectivity, Smart will also give free popcorn and drinks to all fight-goers. A photo booth will also be set up for the enjoyment of both passers-by and fight fans."
    Undercard for the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight
    Welterweight - Mike Jones vs. Randall Bailey
    Super Bantamweight - Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Teon Kennedy
    Junior Featherweight - Jorge Arce vs. Jesus Rojas

    Pacquiao vs. Bradley Career
    Bradley is a perfect with 28 wins and no loss in his career and will look to defeat Pacquiao for his WBO Welterweight Championship. At age of 28, Bradley is a rising star and will look to impress in his most difficult bout to date.

    Pacquiao's record may not be unblemished, but he is 54-3-2 and is considered to be one of the best fighters of  the world. His name is  already in the the Hall of  Fame. Pacquiao is coming off a controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez, as it was perceived by most that Marquez controlled the rhythm of the fight and frustrated Pacquiao.

    Five Other Ways to Watch Pacquiao-Bradley Fight
    1. GMA-7, country's second most watched TV channel behind ABS-CBN will bring
       delayed telecast of Pacquiao-Bradley match. Usually, the fight is shown in the afternoon about 1-
       2 hous delayed. Are you going to wait for the fight late while everybody already knows the winner?

    2. Live Stream: TopRank.com

    3. SM Cinemas - tickets already sold-out!

    4. HBO Pay per View

    5. nbaliveonline.com - it's FREE!

    Pacman Dominates Online Forum and Discussions
    From different forums online and blog posts, Pacquiao dominates in the prediction for who will win for the WBO welterweight fight. From BleacherReport.com, 77% of poll respondents believed on Pacman's power, ability, speed and dedication while the remaining 23% believes  Timothy Bradley will win.

    From Retech Son's comment on the blog, "I predict too that there's only a little chance for Bradley to win this fight, for Pacquiao almost had the all the advantages.

    Power, speed, footwork and ability to absorb the best punch of Bradley. It is noted that he (Btadley) had only 43% KO percentage compared to Pacmans 70% meaning he dont have enough power.

    Bradley's style which is to come forward is susceptible to Pacquiao's hooks and once he tasted pacmans power and landing his own without any effect to him (Pacman) i think thats the time to change his game plan. Either to use his feet and try to fight backwards and try out=box pacman.

    But thats the only thing he can do because for sure he he is no way as an effective counter puncher as Marquez is that give Pacman problem all night long for 36 hard rounds."

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