When is Father's Day in the Philippines and most of the countries?

    Father's day in the Philippines and in most of the countries is celebrated by Third Sunday of June. But in Australia, it is by first Sunday of September. Officially recognized date vary from country to country for this celebration.
    Official Date around the World
    February 23 - Russia

    March 19- Bolivia,Honduras,Italy,Switzerland, Spain,Portugal

    Second Sunday of May- Romania

    May 8- South Korea

    Second Sunday of June - Austria,Belgium

    Third Sunday of June- please refer on photo below for the list of countries:

    Father's Day Countries 3rd Sunday June

    Why we need to Celebrate Father's Day?
    From Wikipedia.com, it says that Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

    After the success obtained by Anna Jarvis with the promotion of Mother's Day in the US, some wanted to create a similar holidays for other family members, and Father's Day was the choice most likely to succeed. There were other persons in the US who independently thought of "Father's Day",but the credit for the modern holiday is always given to Sonora Dodd.

    Just like Mother's Day, it is the perfect time to give thanks to our father for the love and affection. Our father is our true idol at home. They are our bestfriends who always listens.

    Although there are some circumstances that our father is not able to give all our wants but still they find ways to make us happy.
    Father's Day Best Gift
    Offer something to your dad that is unique to you and to him. The best is to give him the gift of your time, interest and thoughtfulness. That's really do much!

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