Orange Sky: What does it mean?

Netizens were abuzzed of "orange sky" phenomenon on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. Curiosity arose whether it is good or bad?

Orange Sky: What does it mean?
Orange Sky. Photo courtesy of Ces Drilon
Orange Sky: What does it mean?
Orange sky. Photo courtesy of EdriandeLara
Just yesterday, people are talking about Agua de Mayo and now comes new surprise.

The orange skies are a reflection of either sulfur in the air or nitrogen dioxide due to pollution.

"The only attractive quality of pollution are the beautiful orange sunset it produces," celebrity Marc Nelson tweeted.

ABS-CBN weather anchor Kuya Kim Atienza said it is a sign of the start of rainy season. "Humidity in the atmosphere is high, sun's rays are filtered orange. It will soon rain," he said.

Orange Sky 2012

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