Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Secret Wedding revealed

    Mark Zuckerberg About status on Facebook account http://facebook.com/zuck  says "I'm trying to make the world a more open place." But during the most important part of his life, tying the knot with Priscilla Chan- the wedding became a surprise to everyone even to the guests of the wedding. Guests assumed that it is because Chan had graduated from medical school. And for the surprise, it's not...it's the wedding of the "youngest billionaire" and Priscilla Chan.
    Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook
    Photo: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

    But why the wedding became a surprise? The world only knew this when Mark changed his status in Facebook, "Married to Priscilla Chan" and peole express their congratulatory message thru comments and "Likes".

    The wedding is supposed to be the worldwide "Wedding of the Year" as Mark is a founder of the most popular social networking site, Facebook  that makes him multi-billionaire at young age.

    Mark became busy last week for his new business achievements.He started his day off by ringing the NASDAQ bell and taking his small social networking company public by raising $16 billion.

    Sunday afternoon in the Philippines as the news creates online buzz, Priscilla trends on Twitter.
    But Mark did not, he's not supposed to trend on Twitter? Maybe it's not..
    Priscilla Chan trends on Twitter Philippines
    Photo: Priscilla Chan trends on Twitter Philippines


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