Jessica Sanchez steals away for Top 3 American Idol slot

Jessica Sanchez has proved how powerful her voice is as she sung Etta James "Steal Away". Judges and the world were amazed by her performance. Sanchez once again creates an online buzz and trends worldwide in Twitter. Jessica is really one of the best and young artist of this generation.

Jessica Sanchez steals away for Top 3 American Idol slot

Jennifer  Lopez was happy to know that Jessica was growling early (a pre-song video clip showed her hamming it up at age 7). "You're just one of the best," she says.

"I loved it," says Steven. "That showed the other side of your voice."

"I love the whole vibe of that," Randy says. "The blues is so much soul so much heart in it. That's what it's all about. ... Amazing, again."

Watch her powerful performance here.

Etta James "Steal Away Lyrics"

Ooh, I gotta see you somehow
Not tomorrow, but right now
I know it's late, but honey don't make me wait
So come on, baby, steal away
Oh let's steal away

Don't make me start thinking
'Cause I might change my mind
My folks are sleeping
So please don't waste no time
I know it's late but please don't make me wait
So come on steal away
Please let's steal away

I know it's wrong, it's wrong needing you this way
But there's no other way I can be with you
If only my folks, if only my folks they would approve
Things like this we wouldn't have to do

Ooh I won't tell, I won't tell anybody else
I'm gonna keep it, I'll keep it to myself
I know it's late, but oh don't make me wait
So come on and steal away
Oh I'm asking you to steal away

Because I need you, I need you by my side
Oh I need you baby, I need you to be my guy
Let's steal away right now

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