'How to Dance in the Club' by Jemdahunk is getting popular on YouTube

    YouTube is one of the most popular site online that gives way to some individual who has the talent on video-editing, video sharing of interesting news and entertainment item. It is also the backdoor for some artists that aim to be star in the platform and eventually to the masses after hitting million of views and get popularity they deserved. In this article, we are going to feature one of the fast-rising video posts on YouTube, it is called "How to Dance in the Club". It was uploaded by Jemdahunk on his channel.

    'How to Dance in the Club' by Jemdahunk

    The video is not serious at all unlike the original version which is like a tutorial. The concept here is funny though some words are seem in-appropriate for the minors.

    Currently, views is around 700K but each day it's getting a lot of views.

    Due to the popularity of his video upload, he made another video for the "Pinoy tutorial" of  "How to Dance in the Disco". If Simsimi is crazy, Jem is much more.

    Are you ready to start or improve dancing in the club? So, follow Jemdahunk's tips...
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