Bacolod Masskara wins It's Showtime's Inter-Town Edition

The show must go on, as Bacolod Masskara's performance was interrupted by technical difficulties during the Grand Finals of It's Showtime inter-town edition. However, Bacolod's pride was declared as the seasons's grand champion with perfect 10 average score.

Bacolod Masskara received Three Million pesos (P3,000,000.00) as the grand prize.

Performance at the studio is really amazing as well as on the remote area. The costume is great!
The gimmicks on the remote is really entertaing and well planned.

It is evident that we Filipinos really enjoy the new Showtime. It showcase another level of entertainment and extraordinary talent of Filipinos.

Hosts of It's Showtime
Hosts of It's Showtime

The grand finals became a trending topic in twitter  Philippines and worlwide with hashtag #ShowtimeGrandFinals, Bacolod Masskara,Bye Billy,Perfect 10 and Dumaguete's pride on the list.

Showtime Grand Finals Trends

Billy Crawford will be leaving Showtime for a specific reason but will be back after two months according to him. 

Other grand finalists that also shows their talents were:
  • Amazing Paper Dolls
  • Tiklad
  • Infinite Reform
  • Lahing Anda
  • Dumaguete’s Pride
  • Next Level Octomix
  • La Castellana Bailes de Luces (Wild Card winner) 

  • Lahing Anda and La Castellana Bailes de Luces both received almost a 10  average score from the judges with only one judge that gave a score of 9.

    Here is the video of  Bacolod Masskara's performance at Showtime The Finals.

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