Smart 'Live More' ad hits the right spot

    Smart Communications' (Smart) new campaign has earned attention of Filipinos as hashtag #LiveMore trended online.

    Smart 'Live More' ad

    The new ad touched netizens' hearts and echoed the company's vision of providing reliable services.

    "In a world where every second counts, count on the biggest network to provide you reliable connections so you can take care of the important things. Stop waiting, start living. Live More," it said.

    "Nicely done. Pang-international ang quality ng ad. Too bad I'm Globe subscriber," a netizen commented.

    "Ang gustong-gusto ko sa SMART eh yung HSPA connections! Super fast ng browsing! Sulit na sulit! yung MMS at higit sa lahat SMART Money," another netizen said.

    "I am being tempted to move to Smart now... The difficulties of living with friends and contacts who are on Globe but are not Smart," expressed by another netizen.
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    1. I like the commercial as well and it was almost perfect, except for that part with the child, may mommy naman pala. I was waiting for the moment where the wife too was waiting. It could have been a perfect family moment with this mother. Globe endorsements has touched a lot of people also because they focus on the whole family with their family bundles and the like. Nevertheless, it was still a very good TV ad.

    2. thanks for your valuable comment Sam.

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