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Another kid suffers seizure due to excessive gadget use


MANILA, Philippines - Following the cases of two kids who suffered focal seizure due to excessive gadget use, another netizen has come forward to share her younger sister’s similar experience.

Another kid suffers seizure due to excessive gadget use

Through a viral post on Facebook, netizen Nicole Carriedo warned parents and other kids to limit their use of gadgets like cellphone, tablets and laptop so they won’t suffer the same ordeal that her sister went through.

“Gusto ko lang i-warning yung mga bata na mahilig maglaro ng cellphone,tablet,ipod at loptop. May limit sana kayo mga bebe kung ayaw nyo magaya sa kapatid ko na sobrang addict sa pag gamit ng kanyang cellphone,’ she wrote on Facebook.

According to Carriedo, her 11-year old sister suddenly experienced seizure on the in the early morning of Wednesday, July 12.

“Nag seizure sya last last night tumirik yung mga mata nya, nanigas buong katawan nya, at nag violet yung labi at mga daliri nya around 1:45 ng madaling araw nangyari yun, first time nangyari sa kanya ‘toh,” Carriedo recounted.

Despite being warned on her excessive use of gadgets, Carriedo’s sister still insisted on using cellphone after school. Luckily, Carriedo’s sister was immediately brought to a nearby hospital to undergo tests.

In a separate post showing her sister’s EEG results, Carriedo clarified that her sister was not suffering from epilepsy. She also dispelled claims that her sister wasn’t properly fed or cared for.

“Don’t judge quickly po quasi hangga’t di alam ang totoong storya. Sinabi rin po ng doctor na dahil po talaga sa gadgets ang sanhi kaya siya nag-seizure kayo sa mga tao na tuluyan pa rin kaming sinasabihan ng hindi magaganda kung marunong po kayong magbasa basahin niyo,” Carriedo wrote.

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Experts believe that gadgets do not directly cause seizures but blinking or flashes of lights from gadgets as well as fatigue due to excessive gadget use can trigger seizures.

“Gadgets, per se, do not cause seizures. To date, there is no direct association with gadget use and seizures. However, certain seizures can be triggered -- but not caused -- by blinking lights or flashes of lights. Fatigue from excessive gadget use triggers seizures as well,” pediatric neurologist Dr. Loudella V. Calotes-Castillo explained.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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