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#Amalayer girl earns sympathy after MMK featured her life story


Manila, Philippines - After almost two years, #Amalayer girl trended on social media once again and earned sympathy of netizens after the drama anthology 'Maalala Mo Kaya' (MMK) featured her life story on Saturday, July 19, 2014.

#Amalayer girl earns sympathy after MMK featured her life story

Singer-actress Angeline Quinto portrayed Paula Jamie Salvosa, who was tagged as the "Amalayer girl" in 2012.

As the episode is being aired, netizens talked about the effect of cyber bullying they have done to Salvosa. Netizens have realized that we should not judge the person without knowing the full story.

Highlight of the episode is Salvosa's controversial confrontation with a female security guard at the LRT station, which led to her becoming a target of cyberbullying.

The confrontation was caught on video and was uploaded on Youtube. It showed Salavosa humiliating the security guard, who supposedly called her attention for using the wrong entrance.

Within hours of the video getting uploaded, the hashtag "#Amalayer" and the word "LRT" both trended nationwide on micro-blogging site Twitter, with netizens criticizing Salvosa for her supposed arrogance.

According to Salvosa, the viral spread of the video, and being the target of ridicule online, marked the "darkest moment" of her life.

At the end of the feature story, Salvosa became a member of Grace Testament Church and actively takes part in fellowships. She also now refers to herself as a "Princess of God," having managed to move on from the "Amalayer" controversy.

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