Zeinab Harake, Bobby Ray Parks Jr. are engaged!

MANILA, Philippines – Finally, vlogger Zeinab Harake has found her true love.

In her latest vlog in her YouTube channel, Zeinab shares the happy and sweet moments that she experienced.

Zeinab Harake, Bobby Ray Parks Jr. are getting married
The proposal wows netizens and followers of the couple. Photo courtesy: Facebook/Zeinab Harake

Zeinab's latest vlog 'The Proposal' shows her boyfriend and basketball player Bobby Ray Parks Jr. proposing to her.

At the beginning of the said vlog, Ray can be seen asking for blessings from Zeinab's family members.

The ring that Ray gave to Zeinab was also shown in the vlog.

Ray also prepared a big glamorous place for the special event of their lives.

Zeinab Harake, Bobby Ray Parks Jr. are getting married
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Zeinab Harake

"Proverbs 18:22 says he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favors from the Lord. I believe God brought us together as a token of his love for us. I'm truly blessed to call you my best friend, my lover and my biggest supporter," Ray said as Zeinab started to cry.

"So I hope that you feel the same way towards me. I want to continue to build a Christ-centered relationship in which I will lead and serve you to the best of my abilities. Your genuine, loving, compassionate heart is the crown of your beauty. You and the kids are my home and I can't imagine life without y'all. With that being said, I brought all of our friends, family and loved ones here today to bear witness and ask you one thing: Zeinab Harake, would you make me the happiest man in the world?,” he added.

Ray knelt down and showed the ring to Zeinab, “Will you marry me?”

Zeinab quickly answered and said "yes."

After the sweet yes, the two shared a kiss together.

Zeinab Harake, Bobby Ray Parks Jr. are engaged!
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Zeinab Harake

In Zeinab's latest Instagram post, which she shared that they are officially engaged, a lot of celebrities and social media personalities left a message and greetings.

Alex Gonzaga: “GOD IS GOOD!!! So happy for the two of you!!!”

Ivana Alawi: “CONGRATS.”

Yassi Pressman: “I KNOWWWWW!!!! @ray1parks YES!!!”


They now share Zeinab’s children Bia, from her former partner rapper Skusta Clee, and her adopted son Lucas.

— Carl Santiago, The Summit Express

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