Dying son writes 'Jesus is real'

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens became emotional on a viral post about a child's last message before he passed away.

Dying son writes 'Jesus is real'
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Joel Sia

In a Facebook post of Joel Sia, he shared the emotional moment with his son who was about to die.

Before dying, Joel said his son "Jonathan" is like seeing something else.

“Before my son Jonathan was resuscitated. He signalled to me as if he is seeing someone but I can't understand him,” Joel said in his Facebook post.

But on Joel's side, he can't understand what her son is trying to express.

Joel thought to give his son a pen and paper just to understand what he is trying to say.

But because of “Jonathan's” illness, he can't properly hold the pen and paper.

“So I gave him a paper and a pen to write down what he wants to tell me. But I couldn't read his writing. He is so weak already and shaking and can't hold the pen properly,” he said.

After this, Joel saw that his son clearly wrote "Jesus is real."

“But before the nurses called code blue. He was able to write this - Jesus is real.”

After reading the short message that his son leaves, Joel admits that he is surprised because it is readable even though his son is struggling.

“It amazed me because it is so clearly readable and I believe he saw Jesus coz Aidy my wife seen a bright light and a hand holding my son ascending and he was smiling,” Joel said.

In Joel's updated profile picture, the paper with "Jesus is real" can be clearly seen.

Meanwhile, some netizens feel sad as Joel shared his story.

“We are so sorry for your loss brod and may he rest in peace with the Lord.”

“May the memories of your son help you find peace and comfort.”

“So sorry for your loss. Our heartfelt condolences to your family.”

Joel didn't disclose his son's illness.

— Carl Santiago, The Summit Express

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