Pinoy mukbang vlogger passes away due to hemorrhagic stroke

MANILA, Philippines – After making different contents where he eats different types of foods, Pinoy mukbang vlogger Dongz Apatan passed away at the age of 38.

Pinoy mukbang vlogger passes away due to hemorrhagic stroke
At the age of 38, Pinoy mukbang vlogger Dongz Apatan passed away. Screenshots from Facebook/Dongz Apatan

On his official Facebook page, on June 14, his sister announced the sad news.

“This is Leah Apatan, sister of Dongz Apatan. Just to inform everyone that this account will still continue and will be managed by me. Thank you everyone for your prayers,” she said.

After a few days, Dongz official Facebook page changed his profile picture with a long message saying his children will still use his Facebook page.

“Dear Ma'am/Sir, Since the death of Manoy Dongz Apatan was so sudden and abrupt, his Facebook page will still be used by his children so that it can sustain their daily needs and schooling especially that the grandparents of the children are too old to work.”

“Furthermore we are still hoping for the best content so that we can continue what my Older Brother has started, hoping for your kind consideration, Godbless and more Power.”

In the report on GMA's 'State of the Nation’, it reveals that Dongz cause of death is hemorrhagic stroke.

According to Dongz's sister, they know that his brother has high blood pressure.

"Tumaas ang blood pressure niya pumutok yung ugat sa brain niya so ang kinamatay niya hemorrhagic stroke," Dr. Tony Leachon said.

According to the Cleveland Clinic website, hemorrhagic stroke is "when there’s uncontrolled bleeding inside of your brain itself or in the space between your brain and its outer covering layer. This kind of stroke is especially severe and can get worse quickly."

Stroke is the Philippines’ second leading cause of death and first cause of morbidity, Stroke Society of the Philippines reported. Ischemic stroke comprises 70% while hemorrhagic stroke comprises 30%.

In his last Facebook video on June 13, Dongz can be seen munching on loads of fried chicken with soy sauce and rice.

Dongz's last mukbang video has more than 500,000 views.

— Carl Santiago, The Summit Express

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