FULL RESULTS: June 2, 2024 Civil Service Exam FOE, POE, BCLTE list of passers, topnotchers

MANILA, Philippines – The June 2024 Civil Service Exam results for Fire Officer Examination (FOE), Penology Officer Examination (POE) and Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE) are released online on July 12, 2024 or within 40 calendar days after the exam.

A total of 5,566 examinees passed the FOE, while 1,989 hurdled the POE, and 938 others passed the BCLTE, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced Friday, July 12.

RESULTS: June 2, 2024 Civil Service Exam FOE, POE, BCLTE list of passers

CSC said that a total of 53,393 examinees took the FOE and POE while 6,400 examinees tried their luck on BCLTE, with the tests conducted across 16 regions nationwide on June 2, 2024.

Statistics of June 2022 special exams - FOE, POE and BCLTE

NCR 427 326 62
CAR 187 87 43
CARAGA 314 158 49
BARMM 36 9 18
Region 1 272 54 48
Region 2 317 112 63
Region 3 264 42 39
Region 4 629 122 125
Region 5 502 153 48
Region 6 259 88 56
Region 7 424 99 59
Region 8 362 151 55
Region 9 367 244 72
Region 10 489 89 77
Region 11 412 200 73
Region 12 305 55 51
Total 5566 1989 938
Grand Total 8,493

The CSC said the resulting eligibilities—Fire Officer Eligibility and the Penology Officer Eligibility—are both second level eligibilities that are specific and appropriate for second level ranks in the fire protection and jail management and penology services, respectively, and other functionally related services. The appropriateness of these eligibilities, though, does not include ranks under the Philippine National Police, the CSC clarified.

Meanwhile, the civil service eligibility resulting from passing the BCLTE shall be called Local Treasurer Eligibility. It is a second level eligibility, which is only appropriate for appointment to Local Treasurer and Assistant Local Treasurer positions, and to positions under the Financial Services that do not require practice of profession and are not covered by Bar/Board or Special Laws. The Local Treasurer Eligibility is NOT comparable to the Career Service Professional or Subprofessional Eligibility.



To pass the test, an examinee should get a general rating of at least 80.00.


The List of Passers shall be uploaded/posted on the CSC website at www.csc.gov.ph on July 14, 2024 or 42 days after the examination.


Examinees, both passed and failed, may get their individual test results using the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS), which can also be accessed through the CSC website.

Note: OCSERGS for recent POE, FOE and BCLTE exams will be available on July 21, 2024 or as indicated in the corresponding issuance/advisory.


Passers shall be issued a Certification of Eligibility (CoE) printed on CSC letterhead.

Those who will pass should coordinate and verify first through CSC announcement if their Certification is already available before going to the CSC Regional/Field Office. Contact numbers of the CSC office may be accessed at the CSC website.


Bookmark this page to receive more updates on Civil Service Exam for 2022-2023. You may also visit the official website of CSC for more information.

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