April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam Passer: 'Gusto ko lang bumawi!’

Many students strive and excel in their studies not only for themselves but also to repay their parents' sacrifices in life.

Lara Maxine Sauler, who recently passed the April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam (CELE), believed that enduring hardships would eventually lead to success. The emotional response of this board passer, along with her mother and grandmother, deeply resonated with the online community as she triumphantly cleared the board exam.

April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam Passer: 'Gusto ko lang bumawi!’
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Lara Maxine Sauler via The Philippine STAR

In an interview with The Philippine STAR, Sauler shared that the five months of review were challenging, particularly due to the pressure and expectations from others.

She utilized all the encouragement and support she received from her family, friends, and mentors, especially drawing strength from her grandmother. Sauler advised aspiring engineers to keep their loved ones in mind, particularly during moments of discouragement.

She added that whenever she felt demotivated, she reminded herself of the need to pass and work diligently to provide her mother with the life she desires.

“No’ng nakita ko po pangalan ko sa list of passers, sobrang relief po ang naramdaman ko kasi na-overcome ko ‘yong challenge ng board exams, at sa wakas, makakatulong na rin po ako sa Lola ko financially,” Sauler said to the said local newspaper.

At that instant, her first instinct was to hurry to her mother, who was also eagerly anticipating the results. Similarly, her grandmother shared in the elation and expressed gratitude to the Lord for answering their prayers.

“‘Pag nawawalan ako ng gana, iniisip ko lang na kailangan kong pumasa at makapagtrabaho kasi gusto ko bumawi kay Nanay at ibigay ‘yong gusto niyang buhay,” Sauler explained.

Sauler urged aspiring engineers to keep in mind those who have faith in them and to persist in chasing their dreams, assuring them that perseverance through challenges will ultimately lead to success.

Keep going, Engr. Sauler!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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