Top 1 in March 2024 Medtech Board Exam claims to have seen God’s sign to become topnotcher

Do you believe in the messages contained in the 'signs' that come from God?

The top-ranked examinee in the March 2024 MedTech Licensure Examination shared her inspiring story on her Facebook post, detailing how she felt she could achieve success not only by passing the exam but also by ranking first.

Top 1 in March 2024 Medtech Board Exam
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Jeency Pilapil

Moreover, Jeency Pilapil also believes that it is God's plan for her to become a Medical Technologist.

“Entering Medtech was God’s plan for me. When my best friends and I heard stories of how hard the path we chose, we got scared. I remember telling them, “Hala, dili baya ko strongest warrior ni God. Pwede pa ba muback out? (Oh, I'm not the strongest warrior of God, you know. Can I still back out?).”

“Kneeling in prayer, I asked God every day to fill my heart with strength to endure every hardship, hope during my lowest point, and love for the path I chose. True to His promises, God did all those. He allowed the hardships, the failures, and the pain for me to lean on His strength, and when I did, I got the best results,” she said.

Jeency is known by those close to her for pouring her heart into everything she does. If things don't turn out well or don't go according to her plans, she says that it's not the end, and that God has a better plan for her.

Most people knew me as someone who puts her heart into everything she does, and when they discovered that I was not able to receive something like an award, they would say, “Huy, ngano man? (Hey, why?)” My response would be, “Okay ra uy. Naa ra’y gi set si God para akoa (It's okay. God has a plan for me).”

Jeency recounted her experiences during the review session and actual exam.

“Every time I fell short of attaining something, I cried for a while, and then I told myself, ‘It is not yet the end of the story.’ I continued to pour my heart out into everything that I did. During the review season, I gave it all in. The exam was very hard, especially on Day 1 and to add to that, I got mental blocked during Micro-Para. I cried to God after the exam, and God answered me through Psalm 91:14.”

Psalms 91:14 states, “Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

On the Day 2 of the exam, she said she saw a sign from God, and upon seeing it, she knew within herself that she would top the exam.

“On Day 2, before taking Hema exam, I prayed to God for a sign, and when I looked at the tree across the window of the testing area, I saw the leaves forming like a clover leaf. That was the time I kind of knew I would top the board exam. To end the story, God showed one of His plans for me.”

She also expressed gratitude to God and to the people who helped her achieve her success as part of her post.

Congratulations, Jeency!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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