Road trip with friends? This mysterious billboard reminds you to go for it!

"Tara friends, let’s drive!"

Road trip with friends? This mysterious billboard reminds you to go for it!

"Uyy, tara!"

Have you observed those conversation-like advertisement on billboards along EDSA and elsewhere? Whether you're often tempted to join road trips with friends or your summer getaway plans consistently fail to materialize, encountering these billboards can evoke nostalgic memories.

Road trip with friends? This mysterious billboard reminds you to go for it!

Some friends may have proposed heading out of town for a tranquil staycation, while others might have invited you to nearby beaches accessible within a short drive. Perhaps there's even a friend who suggested a longer motorcycle ride to reconnect, particularly if it's been decades since you last saw each other.

During this hot summer season, it's a joy to spend the weekend or take a vacation leave on a trip with friends. It's a time when all you have to do is eat, laugh, chat, and simply enjoy the moment to briefly escape from the problems and responsibilities that come with adulthood, being a breadwinner, or striving to reach your dreams.

The Evolving Nature of Friendships in Your Mid-20s to 30s

But sometimes, even if the date and itineraries of the trip have already been agreed upon, outings are suddenly canceled two or one day before the actual departure. Various reasons suddenly arise. That's why everyone jokes about it being just a "drawing" again. They say that things are more likely to push through when they're spontaneous.

It's typical for friends to cancel eagerly awaited plans, or for arrangements to unexpectedly collapse, particularly during the mid-20s to 30s age range. Individuals within the Gen Z or millennial demographic are often preoccupied with career pursuits, some have embarked on parenthood journeys, and others are juggling postgraduate studies alongside professional responsibilities. Even something as straightforward as meeting for coffee at a local cafe in the city can pose challenges when one has a full schedule. While connecting with friends who reside nearby or just a short bus ride away should be straightforward, coordinating plans can sometimes feel like a prolonged process. Just envision the complexity if it were a road trip!

Road Challenges

Traffic, traffic, traffic! It seems like there’s traffic everywhere!

If you're Filipino or living in the Philippines, you're probably familiar with the issue of heavy traffic, whether it's for your daily commute or a road trip. Traveling by road from the National Capital Region to popular destinations typically takes around two hours. However, if you and your friends yearn for fresher air and a change of scenery away from the heat, pollution, and noise of the city and nearby provinces, Baguio remains a top choice, despite the travel time extending to about five hours. Whether you spend two or five hours on the road, or even longer, these journeys present challenges, particularly for individuals with hectic schedules or family obligations.

Despite concerns regarding traffic congestion, time consumption, and distance, road trips continue to be favored by Filipino millennials and Gen Zs. These youthful, adventurous, and technologically adept travelers often delight in group excursions to discover popular local tourist spots. This passion for domestic travel is evidenced in a 2024 survey, where 92% of Filipinos expressed intentions to explore local destinations like Tagaytay, Baguio, Batangas, Boracay, and Palawan. These places are renowned for their stunning vistas, charming accommodations, and distinctive dining establishments, all of which are worthy of being captured and shared on social media.

Financial Aspect and Considerations

Given that the Philippines comprises thousands of islands or called “archipelago,” embarking on a road trip can be demanding, even if you're not driving. Fuel expenses can also add up quickly. Typically, passengers end up covering the fuel costs since the driver is often the vehicle owner. However, it's essential for friends to ensure that expenses are shared equitably, despite their relationship.

To finance these domestic escapades, you should allocate between P15,000 and P30,000 for a pleasant four-day excursion. If you're new to your job as a full-time employee and have limited discretionary funds, or if you're beginning a family and have young children to prioritize, it might require up to a year of saving and strategizing to participate in such outings with your friends.

Friendship Involves Facing and Resolving Challenges Together

The shifts in friendship dynamics, hectic schedules, traffic congestion, and financial constraints can pose obstacles to organizing the ultimate Barkada road trip. After numerous plans that never materialized, leaving them as mere "drawings," you might feel disheartened and lack the motivation to arrange outings with long-lost friends. Nonetheless, remember the Filipino adage, "Kung gusto, laging may paraan; kung ayaw, laging may dahilan." [If you want something, there's always a way; if you don't, there's always an excuse]. With abundant resources available online, you can discover tips and inspiration to turn your summer road trip dreams into reality, even with limited finances or time constraints.

Whether your journey takes you from the North to the South of the Philippines or the other way around, as long as there's a road and the bond among friends endures despite years of separation, a road trip is entirely feasible. So, when a friend like Rich unexpectedly messages you, saying "Where are you, friend? Let's drive!", be the one who enthusiastically responds with, "Let's do it!" Confirm your availability and hash out the details. After all, friendships are opportunities worth seizing, and with luck, you and your friends will embark on that long-awaited road trip before summer draws to a close.

“Kaya ang mga drawing na ‘yan, kulayan na ‘yan!”

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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