#NancySparkles: Nancy McDonie of Momoland is the latest GMA Sparkle artist

MANILA, Philippines – Indeed, Sparkle GMA Artist Center has finally revealed and announced that Nancy McDonie, a member of the all-female South Korean group "Momoland," is the latest star to join their roster of artists.

“Sparkle proudly welcomes its new international star, Nancy McDonie, to its diverse and stellar roster of talents,” it can be read in their official announcement via social media pages.

“Get ready to witness her journey as she shines among the brightest stars in the industry! Welcome to Sparkle, Nancy!”

They used a hashtag #NancySparkles.

Nancy McDonie of Momoland is the latest GMA Sparkle artist
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Sparkle GMA Artist Center

According to a report, the actual contract signing will be held tomorrow Tuesday, April 2.

Before the official announcement this Tuesday, Sparkle first teased which South Korean idol would be joining the aforementioned talent management arm of GMA Network. A silhouette image of a woman was shown, with netizens guessing it to be Nancy.

“Sparkle is about to get a whole light brighter with this K-pop idol joining its roster of powerhouse and diverse talents,” it can be read.

Before Nancy, netizens had their own guesses as to who it could be. Some speculated it might be Sandara Park, a former member of the disbanded group "2NE1" and associated with ABS-CBN, after her stint as a contestant on "Star Circle Quest" in the past. Others thought it could be the former Star Magic artist turned South Korean idol, Chanty. However, netizens pointed out that Chanty had already been announced as a Sparkle artist back in December 2022.

Sparkle and GMA have yet to disclose any comprehensive details regarding Nancy's upcoming projects.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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