Newlywed couple 'separated' immediately after reception

Breakups are trending nowadays, from famous artists, celebrities, influencers, and of course, to ordinary couples whose relationships aren't broadcasted on social media or mainstream media.

Some relationships last almost a decade then end up in a split, some don't even reach a year, and some even get engaged but end up not pushing through.

There are also cases where couples get married, and after a few months, they separate.

But the story of a newlywed couple in Visayas is quite unique because after their wedding ceremony, they had a disagreement, and the groom left during the reception.

Newlywed couple 'separated' immediately after reception
Photo courtesy: RPN DYKC Cebu (Facebook)/Freepik

This was reported by the regional radio station RPN DYKC Cebu on their Facebook page on February 26, 2024.

According to the report, "The newlyweds have now gone viral on social media, with reports saying they immediately separated.

In the man's post, he said that the woman did not accompany him, which is why he wanted to separate. The reason is that the man's camp seemingly couldn't provide the dowry requested by the woman's family.

The giving of a dowry is a traditional concept in some cultures, where the groom's family provides property or assets as part of the marriage. It's a contribution from the groom's family to the new family they're forming. The dowry may include money, jewelry, property, or other business assets given to the woman or her family. In some cultures, the dowry can be a significant part of the marriage and may have profound implications for the society and economy of the families involved. In the Philippines, the groom gives the dowry, but in some countries, it's the bride.

The groom's relatives defended that their family and relatives from Pamplona, Negros Oriental intentionally traveled to Bairan, Naga to celebrate the wedding.

After the wedding, the bride reportedly did not accompany her husband because she was allegedly stopped by her mother, fearing that she would be left alone.

However, the bride's camp had a different explanation. According to them, the groom didn't wait for her and left her at the reception, even though she was estimating the guests.

The bride allegedly cried heavily because her husband left the reception without even saying goodbye. This reportedly angered her relatives as well.

This is said to be the reason why the newlywed bride was upset with her husband.

So the question now for netizens is, if they can't get along now, how will it be when they live together permanently?"

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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