‘Tulungan para sa Pangarap!’ Lovers topnotch Engineering Board Exam using same book reviewers

Having a ‘relationship goal’ is common nowadays.

"Relationship goals" refers to the idealized aspects or qualities of a romantic relationship that people aspire to achieve or emulate. It often involves admiration for a particular couple's dynamics, behaviors, or achievements in their relationship, which others may see as desirable or worth striving for in their own relationships.

Like the couple, Engr. John Vincent A. Nate and Engr. Melanie Piedad, who not only passed but also excelled by being topnotchers in their respective years and batches when they took the Engineering Board Exam.

Nate, who graduated as cum laude at Central Luzon State University in 2019 was 8th placer in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer Licensure Exam (ABELE) in October 2019.

Nate lent his used book reviewers to his girlfriend, Piedad, and supported her in her review. This gesture bore fruit because aside from graduating cum laude from the same university and degree program, she also placed 4th in the board exam in September 2022.

Nate admitted that they fell for each other because of Piedad's frequent inquiries and questions to him.

Almost two years later, it seems that their relationship is still going strong, and both are successful in their respective careers.

Indeed, this engineer couple truly embodies relationship goals!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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