Three siblings from Butuan City pass bar exam together

It is already an honor for a family when one child becomes a full-fledged lawyer, but what if, aside from one, there are two more who share the same fate?

Three siblings from Butuan City pass bar exam together
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Pocholo Isabelo, Harriet Golda, and Jobo Angelo Reserva

It seems that destiny had “reserved” the three slots in the 2023 Bar Examinations, as the three siblings, Jobo Angelo, Pocholo Isabelo, and Harriet Golda Reserva from Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, all passed and became full-fledged lawyers.

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Reportedly, the three come from a family of lawyers, and as first-time takers of the Bar, they did not intend to take it simultaneously or plan to pass together.

In an interview with The Summit Express, Harriet Golda said that all of them were first-time takers. She and her brother Pocholo Isabelo were classmates in law school and graduated together. Jobo Angelo graduated last year, 2022, but decided to defer and take the Bar exam with Pocholo Isabelo and her.

"All of us takers are working for our family firm RESERVA LAW OFFICE (alongside my sister, Hillary Olga Reserva, who passed the Bar in 2022 and my dad, Atty. James Reserva)," Harriet Golda told The Summit Express.

On her Facebook post on December 23, 2023, Atty. Harriet Golda shared her experiences during the Bar Exam.

It can be read, “On the first day of the bar exam, I went home very discouraged because I was not able to follow the instructions in Political law.”

“I cried everything to my dad the whole night until the next day, because I thought I was gonna be disqualified from passing.”

“Come the 2nd day, I asked my mom if I can withdraw from the bar exams because my heightened emotions made me forget everything I studied for in Civil and Labor.”

“She told me, ‘ga, bahalag wala kay i-tubag. Just show up.’ And so I did. I finished the second day with a heavy heart because I knew to myself that wasn’t my best.”

“On the 3rd day, I became extremely sick. I couldn’t eat nor sleep because the stress and anxiety took over everything at that point. What sustained me, however, was [an energy drink], the Supreme Court’s set-up clinics in the bar site, the proctors in my exam room for accompanying me to the rest room every 30 minutes (yes, almost 15 times ko nangihi ato na adlaw) and above all, PRAYERS.”

“Prayers, prayers, prayers. I’ve always had a very complicated relationship with my faith and my God, but the bar journey just put all of my spiritual senses alive.”

“To pass the bar is a miracle. It is not enough that you are diligent, or that you read 12 hours a day— you also have to surrender and humble yourself over the fact that not everything is within your control.”

“If it is God’s will, then it is his will that has to be done. So if you ask me how I made it, I’d say JUST DO YOUR BEST and SURRENDER EVERYTHING TO GOD.”

On December 22, 2023, Harriet became a 'full-fledged lawyer,' along with her siblings.

“I did not make this on my own. In fact, 20% ra ako efforts ani. It was all my mom, my dad, my mama say, my siblings (who are also now lawyers), my support system, and above all, GOD,” she said.

“Thank you so much for everyone’s prayers and support. Now it’s time to give back to GOD for giving me and my siblings this miracle.”

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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