Isabelle Daza gives Php 1 million from donation drive to Elvie Vergara

MANILA, Philippines – Do you still remember the reported household helper Elvie Vergara who allegedly experienced mistreatment from her employer and their children, which supposedly led to her becoming blind?

Isabelle Daza gives Php 1 million from donation drive to Elvie Vergara
Photo courtesy: Instagram/Isabelle Daza

After reportedly seeing the heartbreaking fate of the household helper at the hands of her employers in the news, actress-TV host Isabelle Daza did not hesitate to organize a donation drive for her.

Isabelle is the daughter of Miss Universe 1969 and actress Gloria Diaz. After several months of running the donation drive, she was able to quickly raise one million pesos.

In Isabelle's Instagram post on November 20, it can be seen that she personally met Vergara to meet her and hand over a check amounting to one million pesos.

"Finally was able to give the money to Elvie Vergara herself. A total of ₱1,000,000 in a Manager’s check…To those who donated you have helped change a life 🥹 and thank you for trusting me that I wouldn't scam you lol," she said.

In the video, Isabelle mentioned that the money she raised came from her followers, fans, and other concerned netizens who were also moved by Vergara's story.

She said that she hopes the accumulated million pesos can help Vergara with her medical treatment and be used for future needs.

Isabelle further shared that some people gave as little as 25 or 30 pesos, but what mattered was not the amount but the gesture, as even those with very little to spare took the effort to contribute.

In September, Belle initiated a GoGetFunding campaign to gather funds for Nanay Elvie.

“I am raising funds for her to be able to live her life free from this abuse without having to worry about what she will eat and will she have enough money to live,” she said.

May God bless you, Isabelle!

— Richard, The Summit Express

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