'Reincarnated version' of the trending security cat gains attention locally, abroad

Do you believe in the concept of reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a belief or philosophical concept that suggests that after a person or natural being dies, their soul or consciousness can be reborn into a new body.

In other words, it's the idea that a person's spirit or essence can have multiple lifetimes in different physical forms. This belief is often associated with various religious and spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and some New Age beliefs.

But is it possible for this to happen to animals?

After the famous security cat 'Mingming' passed away and crossed the 'rainbow bridge' at a well-known establishment in Mandaluyong City, a cat that closely resembled her took over her post, astonishing the frequent visitors.

According to 'Nhe Bernal Tres Reyes,' it seemed like reincarnation happened to Mingming because the new security cat that would welcome everyone at the entrance of the Worldwide Corporate Center or WCC looks very much like him.

His name is said to be “Conan,” and officially known as “SG (Security Guard) Conan.”

'Reincarnated version' of the trending security cat
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Nhe Bernal Tres Reyes

The netizen shared photos of Conan, along with the standee of SG Mingming, so he wouldn't be forgotten.

“Flex ko lang do you believe in reincarnation? And do you remember SG (Security Guard) Mingming WCC, the famous security cat , he’s back thru Conan, the new secute of WCC na walang pinagkaiba kay SG Mingming, different cat in one soul and looks,” she said in an online cat community called “Cat Lovers Philippines.”

Netizens are delighted because it seems like Mingming has returned to the world—in the form of Conan!

Mingming passed away and already crossed the rainbow bridge due to gingivitis last July.

In the latest updates of Reyes this October, the admiration and love for SG Conan have expanded even further because the news about him has reached other countries.

Flex ko lang ang pinag-uusapan at tinaguriang International sensation na si Conan ng WCC, we so proud of you bebe Conan, nabalita ka na sa iba’t ibang bansa dahil sa kapogian at ka bibo mo.”

“SG Mingming in heaven is [guiding] you and watching you habang nag-vivideo shoot ka kaya napakabehave mo ng araw na yan at di ka nangulit😊you are the living legacy of SG Mingming…”

“We love you Conan,” she stated.

Congrats, SG Conan! I’m sure that SG Mingming is so proud of you!

— Richard, The Summit Express

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