2023 Bar Exam Results likely out before Christmas Day

MANILA, Philippines – Good news to all aspiring lawyers! The Supreme Court (SC) is targeting to release the results of the 2023 Bar Exam in early December this year or before Christmas Day.

SC targets to release 2023 Bar Exam Results early December

This was announced by 2023 Bar chair Associate Justice Ramon Paul Hernando in a press conference on Sunday, September 17 during the first day of the bar exam.

“This year, however, following the examples of my recent predecessors as Bar chair, the time spent by the examinees waiting in agony for the results of the exams will be cut short: My team and I are eyeing the release of the results of the 2023 Bar Examinations in early December before Christmas day,” said Hernando.

The 2023 Bar Chair cited the agony on the part of candidates waiting for the results as main reason for the early release of bar exam results.

He also added that oath-taking of successful examinees might also happen before Christmas day, December 25.

“Moreover, there will be simultaneous oath-taking and signing of the Roll of Attorneys in December also before Christmas day so that we will have our new batch of full-fledged lawyers before the year ends. It will be an additional reason for those who will hurdle the Bar Exams to celebrate the Holiday Season,” Hernando said.

This will be the third digitalized and regionalized bar exams, relative to the successful conduct of 2020-2021 and 2022 Bar Exams.

The succeeding exams will be held on September 20 (Wednesday) and September 24 (Sunday).

Over 10,000 aspiring lawyers

SC said a total of 10,404 examinees took the first day of exam in 14 local testing centers nationwide. This means that around 400 expected candidates did not show up due to various reasons.

Earlier, the high court said that 5,832 will be taking the Bar Examination for the first time, while 4,984 will be taking the same for at least the second time.

Six core subjects of 2023 Bar Exam

These core subjects were determined and approved by the Court En Banc upon thoughtful review of previous syllabi and due consideration of the latest developments in legal practice.

1. Political and Public International Law (15%)

2. Commercial and Taxation Laws (20%)

3. Civil Law (20%)

4. Labor Law and Social Legislation (10%)

5. Criminal Law (10%)

6. Remedial Law, Legal and Judicial Ethics with Practical Exercises (25%)

Note: The 2023 bar questions for Day 1 and 2 exams are now available on Supreme Court website.

Last year, a total of 3,992 out of 9,183 (43.47%) passed the bar exam.

— The Summit Express

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