Barefoot grad finds job at DOLE

MANILA, Philippines – A graduating student offering her shoes to her mother and walking barefoot for the investiture of the hood is a touching moment that depicts respect for the parent, humility amid success, and a determination for a bright future.

Barefoot grad finds job at DOLE

The video that went viral on social media was Ms. Anna Rose Quinto, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics from Bago City College in Bago City, Negros Occidental.

During the ceremony, her mother was hesitant to accompany her on stage because her shoe snapped. Instead of giving up, Ms. Quinto took off her shoes for her mother and went on stage barefoot. “I want to share this milestone with my mother who sacrificed a lot so that we can go to school,” Anna Rose explained why she went shoeless.

Regional Director Atty. Sixto T. Rodriguez, Jr. was moved with the act of Anna Rose and directed the DOLE RO 6-Negros Occidental Field Office (DOLE RO 6-NOFO) to get in touch with her for employment opportunities.

“We provide opportunities to those who are in need and deserving of a job. Ms. Quinto possesses the values of a good employee. She passed through the process of hiring and was qualified for the position she applied for,” said Atty. Rodriguez.

During the interview, it was found out that Ms. Quinto is not new to DOLE programs and services. She worked for Bacolod City Government in 2017 to gather National Skills Registration Program (NSRP) data forms.

NSRP is also one of the DOLE’s programs that aims on maintaining a continuing nationwide skills registry through its Skills Registry System (SRS) database. It is a database of active manpower supply containing the profiles of all persons and employers registered under the NSRP with information on the qualifications and skills of the applicants as well as the job vacancies posted by the employers.

With her experience with the local government unit of Bacolod, Ms. Quinto was hired as the NSRP Coordinator of DOLE RO 6-NOFO. She hopes that she will learn and grow professionally with DOLE and her employment will help her gain experience.

Anna Rose is thankful for the job that could help in her future undertakings and for the achievement of her goals. “My earnings from my job with DOLE will help me financially for my review for the Licensure Examination for Teachers next year,” she said.

“We will help at every opportunity. By providing employment, we assist them in their personal and professional growth and in providing the needs for their family,” said RD Rodriguez as he calls for all employers to be sensitive to the needs of the workers. “Let us utilize the talents and potentials of these young graduates who could be an asset to the industry and to our country,” Atty. Rodriguez said focusing on the youths’ capabilities.

— The Summit Express


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  1. manifesting top 10 sa board exam..uwu

  2. Down to earth as she is; hopefully she will instill an awareness to GenZ's now playing too " maarte" in every aspect, bravo.

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