TOP 10 PASSERS: March 2023 Civil Service Exam SubProfessional Level

MANILA, Philippines – The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced on Tuesday, July 18, the topnotchers (top 10 passers) of the March 26, 2023 Civil Service Exam or Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT). View on this page for sub-professional level list of topnotchers.

LM Tricia T. De La Cruz from Western Visayas topped the Subprofessional level with a 90.24 rating.

Completing the list of top passers for the SubProfessional level are Gwen L. Ambrona (Davao Region) with a rating of 90.17; Nelson T. Lim (NCR) with 90.14; Joelle Dianne F. Venegas (NCR) with 90.04; Louise Marie B. Pardilla (NCR) with 89.88; Krystelle Joy T. Zipagan-Soriano (Cagayan Valley) with 89.86; Jude Dominic Y. Erestain (NCR) with 89.70; Azlemere Kate V. Olegario (CAR) with 89.60; Reniel C. Cuña (NCR) with 89.55; Joyce Ann N. Tagunicar (NCR) with 89.40; and Dominic C. Arandela (Southern Tagalog) with 89.40.

In an earlier news release posted on June 13, 2023, the CSC announced that 64,420 examinees passed the CSE-PPT held on 26 March. A total of 54,478 or 16.42 percent out of 331,816 examinees passed the Career Service Professional Examination, while 9,942, representing 19.97 percent of the 49,791 examinees, passed the Career Service Subprofessional Examination.



1 LM Tricia T. De La Cruz Western Visayas 90.24
2 Gwen L. Ambrona Davao Region 90.17
3 Nelson T. Lim National Capital Region 90.14
4 Joelle Dianne F. Venegas National Capital Region 90.04
5 Louise Marie B. Pardilla National Capital Region 89.88
6 Krystelle Joy T. Zipagan-Soriano Cagayan Valley 89.86
7 Jude Dominic Y. Erestain National Capital Region 89.70
8 Azlemere Kate V. Olegario Cordillera Administrative Region 89.60
9 Reniel C. Cuña National Capital Region 89.55
10 Joyce Ann N. Tagunicar National Capital Region 89.40
10 Dominic C. Arandela Southern Tagalog 89.40


In the August 2022 civil service exam, Rey Timothy H. Nalica from Southern Tagalog bested the subprofessional exam with 94.77% rating. Francois Claire M. Manrique, also from Southern Tagalog, came in second with a rating of 94.19%.

In the June 2022 Civil Service Exam subprofessional level, John Patrick Las Piñas from Davao Region aced the exam with 95.74% rating. Romeo Josef Conel (Cagayan Valley), Bernardo Salgado Jr. and John Elmer Tagbago (Southern Tagalog) all tied on second place with 95.32%.

In the March 2022 CSE-PPT, CSC named Nenita Liis from Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) as topnotcher in the subprofessional level. Renee Rio Picpican, also from CAR, followed with 85.81%.

In the August 2019 civil service exams, Sidney Dani Gelito from Southern Tagalog grabbed the highest spot in the subprofessional exams, 90.14%. James Michael Aquino, also from Southern Tagalog, followed with 89.85%.

In the March 2019 CSE-PPT, Christiani Matugas from NCR led the 3,640 subprofessional eligibles with a rating of 94.37. It was followed by Aaron Dave Marte from Southern Tagalog with a 92.62 rating.

In the August 2018 CSE-PPT, Sophia Isabelle Olalia, with a 90.78 rating and from the Southern Tagalog region, placed first among hopefuls for the Subprofessional level. Pamela Lizelle San Luis from Central Luzon ranked second with 90.44%.

How to get CSE-PPT results

The complete list of successful examinees of the March 26, 2023 Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test may be accessed here or on the official website of CSC.

Schedule for the release of Certification of Eligibility at the CSC Regional/Field Office will be announced. Passers are advised to verify first the availability of and the requirements and procedures in claiming their Certification of Eligibility before proceeding to the CSC office.

Moreover, examinees, both passed and failed, may generate their individual rating through the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS), which can also be accessed on the CSC website on June 24, 2023.


TOP 10 PASSERS: March 2023 Civil Service Exam SubProfessional Level

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