Top 1 in May 2023 CPALE tips on reviewing: Plan, sleep well, make time for yourself

MANILA, Philippines – Alexander Salvador Centino Bandiola Jr. emerged as Top 1 in the May 2023 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam (CPALE), as announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Tuesday, May 31.

Alexander Salvador Centino Bandiola Jr. is May 2023 CPALE Top 1
Alexander Salvador Centino Bandiola Jr. is May 2023 CPALE Top 1. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ REO CPA Review - Real Excellence

The 23-year-old graduated from the University of the Cordilleras and earned a rating of 89.50 on the licensure exam. He ranked first among the 2,239 passers out of 7,376 takers of the May 2023 CPALE.

In a Facebook post for his review service, REO CPA Review, Bandiola shared how he managed to attend both online and in-person review sessions. He said, “I was an online reviewee and simultaneously attended face-to-face classes at NCPAR-REO Baguio.”

CPALE has been considered among the hardest licensure exams in the country. Because of this, passing the exam is a major hurdle for many accountants, and the challenges of reviewing for it can be daunting. Thus, passing the exam is a major accomplishment, and it opens up a world of opportunities for accountants.

Bandiola has a few tips for those studying for the next CPALE that will help them manage their time and prepare effectively. According to Bandiola, reviewing for the CPALE can be very overwhelming because of the sheer volume of material to cover. He said, “It can feel overwhelming sometimes dahil sa dami ng kailangan aralin at sa lawak ng coverage.”

Because of this, Bandiola advises getting a head start by focusing on self-study. Then, attend online and in-person reviews. He said, “First, I focused on finishing the pre-recorded lectures and addressing my weak points. Then, I attended face-to-face classes and online live lectures and answered quizzers to confirm my understanding.”

He also stressed the importance of time management and self-care during the review period. “My tip to reviewees: Plan out what and when you’re going to finish the topics, maintain a consistent sleeping schedule, but also make time for yourself.”

Bandiola's perseverance was rewarded with success as he topped the licensure exam. In the Top 2 is Rayhanah Nuestro Decampong from De La Salle University -Manila with a rating of 89.33.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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