Viral ‘mango flute’ girl now a licensed mechanical engineer

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen who went viral years ago for tweeting "mango flute" instead of "mango float" showed her "glow up" as she passed the recent Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam.

Viral ‘mango flute’ girl now a licensed mechanical engineer

Claire Arucan showed that her years of not knowing the correct spelling of mango float are nothing but history. On what netizens dubbed the "glow up of the century," Claire shared that she has come a long way from the teenager who was bashed for making a wrong spelling on social media back in 2014.

Now, Claire proudly shared that she is now a licensed mechanical engineer as she passed the February 2023 Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam. Even more, she showed off that she won a spelling bee at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

She tweeted her "glow up on Twitter with the caption, "Since nagva- viral na naman ulit yung mango flute tweet ko may glow up na naman ako!!! from mango flute girl to PUP's spelling bee winner to REGISTERED MECHANICAL ENGINEER."

Years ago, she went viral when she posted, "Ang sarap ng mango flute." When someone corrected her, Claire insisted on her spelling and tweeted, "May nag-correct sa akin, mango float daw. Huh? Float? Magic? Lumulutang ang mango? Aral po kasi muna."

Since then, the viral tweet has become a popular meme and has been resurfacing through the years. According to Claire, she faced bashing and was even bullied for the mistake. But through the years, she learned to just laugh it off, knowing that the tweet had become iconic.

“It really bothered me before kasi everytime na lalabas ulit siya sa mga socmeds, puro pambabash pa rin inaabot ko. Pero nung tumagal nakakatawa na lang siya kasi tinatawag na nilang iconic na lang yung tweet,” Claire shared.

Now that she has proven herself, she can't help but be proud. Claire said she hopes people will now remember her "glow up" instead of her mistake.

She said, "Super happy ako kasi finally lipas na sila sa pagtawag sakin ng kung ano-ano! I used to get bullied a lot talaga and kahit anong explain ko before walang naniniwala sakin so I’m happy na everytime na lalabas tong mango flute glow up na yung maaalala nila."

Many netizens also congratulated Claire for her achievement. A netizen commented, “bestie took the ‘aral po kasi muna’ on another level, so proud of you!” Another wrote, “Yan ang character development!”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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