Miss Universe question finally gives English translation of ‘Pang-ilan ka sa magkakapatid?’

MANILA, Philippines – Finally, the long debate has come to an end. We finally have an English translation to the question, “Pang-ilan ka sa magkakapatid?”

What’s your translation of the question, “Pang-ilan ka sa magkakapatid?”
What’s your translation of the question, “Pang-ilan ka sa magkakapatid?” | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ Ayn Bernos Facebook/ Miss Universe

Netizens on Twitter couldn’t help but share a laugh over the amusement that Pinoys now have the answer to what is being considered one of the hardest Filipino sentences to translate into English.

Ayn Bernos, an entrepreneur and influencer, tweeted quoting a question to Miss South Africa during the closed-door interview of the Miss Universe. In the video, the question about “Pang-ilan ka sa magkakapatid?” was translated into English and flashed on the screen as, “Of all the siblings in the family, where do you stand?”

Pinoy netizens couldn’t help but react as the tweet went viral with over 1.2 million views and more than 3,600 retweets. Many netizens shared jokes about their versions of the questions.

A netizen commented, “Di ko alam kung tama, pero ang tanda ko, what is your ordinal number among your siblings?"

Another wrote, “Pwede din naman, what number are you among your siblings?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA eme.”

Another tweet goes, “Akala ko among the siblings, what level are you? Lol.”

Meanwhile, some other people took the tweet seriously and shared their more accurate translations. A netizen suggested, “Alternatively: where do you fall in the birth order of your siblings? :)”

Another netizen commented, “Shortest I have heard from Americans: What is your birth order? understood na siya within the siblings.”

More suggestions came in to make the translation a bit simpler, such as “What is your birth order among your siblings?”

The video was just one of the exclusive closed-door interviews that the Miss Universe 2022 pageant posted on their Facebook page.

— Sally, The Summit Express


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  1. The how manieth are you among your siblings?

  2. Into what chronological order are you in your family?

  3. This question was also answered by the former Senator of the Phils.
    Sen Tito Sotto... and i think that was the smartest translation of this.

  4. Whats your birth order among the siblings

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