Rudy Baldwin 2023 Predictions: Year of Bad Karma

MANILA, Philippines – Psychic reader and dream translator Rudy Baldwin has released her 2023 predictions to serve as a “warning and a reminder to the public.” Baldwin said her predictions would focus on not only the negative possibilities but also the possible positive outcomes as well.

Rudy Baldwin releases her 2023 predictions | Screengrab: YouTube/Rudy Baldwin


Negative 2023: Year of Bad Karma

The door of "bad karma" is open to everyone.

  • This will most likely happen to those working in the justice system, politicians, police officers, or those with authority or higher positions in society.
  • Bad karma will quickly occur to those who commit crimes and wrong actions toward others.
  • There will be crimes that will occur between students and police officers.

  • There will be many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • There will be an earthquake with a strength we've never experienced.
  • The Taal volcano eruption will happen again.
  • An undersea volcano will also erupt.

Wildfire and extreme heat
  • Fire, heat, and wildfire will likely happen due to extreme heat and dryness in 2023.
  • There will be a place in the Philippines and in other countries where it will rain fire.
  • Pampanga can experience too much heat.

Bohol, Romblon, Surigao, Mindoro, Cavite, Laguna, Catanduanes, Batanes, and La Union
  • These areas will have to face the most disasters and fire-related accidents.

Bulacan, Luzon, Metro Manila
  • Disasters such as earthquakes and fires will most likely occur.
  • These areas will experience extreme heat.

  • Has the possibility of a massive wildfire in their plantations.

There will be many odd sea creatures that will weirdly appear on the shores.
  • Learn to take care of the environment, waters, and land.

  • An insect will cause a certain disease related to the eye.
  • Many of those who will visit the hospitals will be due to eye problems, which come from bacteria from plants.
  • There will be lice problems.
  • Keep a dog or a cat. Their energy can help protect you.

Pandemic will continue
  • Instead of the endemic, it will become worse.
  • The youth will be the common victims.

  • Accidents will most likely happen to new celebrities.
  • A celebrity will commit suicide due to depression.
  • Another celebrity suicide will also occur but it will be investigated initially because they will think it is due to crime.
  • Many social media influencers will die due to accidents.

More than 3 aircrafts will explode.

Other countries
  • Japan, Indonesia, and Taiwan will experience earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Hong Kong and Singapore will experience flooding and tornadoes.
  • Some OFWs will die due to calamities.
  • In France, a massive earthquake and tornado will occur.
  • California will also experience a massive earthquake and tornado.
  • In Australia, they will experience insect problems all year round. This insect will target their eyes and skin.

  • There will be many OFWs who will become victims of crime and accidents.
  • Always follow the road rules and laws of the country you're staying in.
  • If you're married or committed, you have to stay loyal.
  • Rumormongers should behave and stop bullying.

The year of the rabbit should have been patient and gentle. However, the year 2023 is full of hot temper, anger, and aggressiveness.

"Now nagbukas ang pintuan fully ng bad karma. Yun yung pintuan na napaka-easy dumaan ni Satanas."

Positive 2023
  • Let's stop bashing and bullying, especially concerning politics and pageants.
  • Sports - Focus on the coach and the sports, and not on social media.
  • There will be news anchors who will bring honor internationally.

"Sikapin po nating huwag gumawa ng masama sa kapwa kasi nakabukas po ang pintuan ng bad karma. Magtulungan po tayo at manalangin at manalig sa sarili natin.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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  1. Pulutin ang mabuti, ang masama ay iwaksi. Walang masama sa predictions at hwag maging negative thinker ang mga makababasa, bagkus ay gawin itong gabay at panuntunan sa buhay.

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