‘From congratulations to condolences’: Groom dies just one day after wedding

MANILA, Philippines – A new bride just shared the unfortunate incident of losing her husband just a day after they got married.

Aj Jallorina Chong grieves the death of her husband, Steven
Aj Jallorina Chong grieves the death of her husband, Steven, just a day after their wedding | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Aj Jallorina Chong

On Facebook, Aj Jallorina Chong shared her grief and pain over losing her husband, Steven. Adding to the pain was the fact that the couple wasn't able to spend a longer time together as husband and wife, as Steven passed away just a day after their wedding. The couple got married on December 15, while Steven died on December 16.

Instead of congratulations, AJ received a ton of condolence messages on her post. She wrote how painful it was to unexpectedly lose her husband. She wrote, “From marriage certificate to death certificate, from congratulations to condolences.”

She wrote a heartfelt message to her late husband about how happy she was during their wedding day and didn’t suspect that she would lose him just a day later.

AJ wrote, “Mahal ko, thank you for making me the happiest bride. Sabi mo nga di mo ako nasusurprise kasi lagi kong nakukutuban. Mahal ko, hindi ko to nakutuban. Hindi ako makapaniwla. Napakasaya natin. Saksi ang Ama at ang lahat. Napakasakit na pumipirma tayo sa Marriage Certificate natin Dec 15 tapos Dec 16 death certificate mo na pinipirmahan ko.”

The bereaved wife expressed regret that the promise she made to take care of her husband for a lifetime had turned into taking care of his funeral. She went to thank him for the 10 years they spent together. She wrote, “Kasama sa vow ko ang aasikasuhin kita, pero hindi agad sa funeral mo. Mahal, salamat sa sampung taon na pagmamahal. Mahal na mahal kita.”

AJ didn’t share the details of her husband’s death.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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