Wilbert Tolentino-Zeinab Harake feud drags Ivana, Alex, Robi, other celebs

MANILA, Philippines – Social media was abuzz on Monday morning, October 24, as netizens woke up to a string of feuds and controversies among vloggers and influencers.

Wilbert Tolentino-Zeinab Harake feud
Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake air their personal and professional issues against each other online | Screengrab: Facebook/Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake

Wilbert Tolentino, a vlogger, entrepreneur and also a talent manager to some celebrities, dropped a scathing revelation against Zeinab Harake on Facebook on Sunday, October 23. According to Wilbert, his video was made to defend himself after Zeinab dropped a cryptic post about being used by people close to her. Zeinab also included him in her list of friends she unfriended to have "peace of mind." While Zeinab didn't explicitly drop his name in the post, Wilbert said she allowed netizens to bash him and tag him as a user.

Wilbert denied that he is clout-chasing and is only after fame. He chronicled how it's true that Zeinab helped him achieve popularity on YouTube, but also clarified that he paid her to do that. "Kahit bayad yan per content, di ko kinalat yan. Hinayaan kong gumanda ang imahe niya na siya ang tumulong sa akin," Wilbert explained.


Posted by Wilbert Tolentino on Sunday, October 23, 2022

Included in the "tea" spilled by Wilbert are screenshots of Zeinab's comments against celebrities and other vloggers. In the convo, Zeinab described Ivana Alawi as "matataas ang ihi"' or arrogant. She also pointed out how Robi Domingo and Sanya Lopez have no market, and are far different from vloggers.

Other vloggers Zeinab said it's not good for Wilbert to collaborate with were Whamoz Cruz, Toro Family, and Toni Fowler. Zeinab laughed at them and described them as "trash." Wilbert also dragged Zeinab's issues with Jamill and Alex Gonzaga.

At one point, Zeinab also warned Wilbert against Madam Inutz, a talent being handled by Wilbert. She said her popularity will soon die down and it'll be a shame if Wilbert invests too much.

In the end, Wilbert lamented how their relationship turned sour because he didn't do anything wrong against Zeinab and her team.

Zeinab airs side

After being put on the hot seat, Zeinab went live on Sunday, October 23, to explain her side. She confirmed that she accepts payment because just like any celebrity, she has a "talent fee." During the pandemic, Zeinab said she had to earn for her child, Bia.

Zeinab revealed how Wilbert likes to shame other vloggers and personalities, just like what he's doing to her right now.

Zeinab said, "Sobra ang kahihiyang ibinibigay mo sa tao, hindi ako magpapaawa rito, wala akong pakialam sa awa ng kahit na sino. Kailangan ko sarili ko. Wala na akong pakialam kung anong mangyari sa akin after. Importante ngayon sa akin, mailabas ko ang totoo."

Zeinab denied she's trying to stop Wilbert from collaborating with other vloggers. She also described Wilbert as someone who helps but will also hold it against you.

"Tutulong ka, magpri-prisinta ka tapos kapag magkaroon ng utang na loob sa iyo, isusumbat mo?" Zeinab asked Wilbert.

Lately, Zeinab admitted she shied away from Wilbert because she felt she's being criticized for the money she's asking. In the end, Zeinab said she has reached out to those who got involved in their issue, including Alex Gonzaga, Donnalyn Bartolome, even Ivana.

Other Youtubers have added more fuel to the fire by going on live and reacting, such as Toni Fowler, Sachzna Laparan, Whamos, and more. Robi also tweeted a cryptic post that seems to allude to the feud.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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