Moira Dela Torre breaks silence on split with husband Jason Hernandez

MANILA, Philippines – Moira Dela Torre finally broke her silence on her separation from husband Jason Hernandez on Saturday, June 4.

Moira Dela Torre speaks up on cheating in their marriage
Moira Dela Torre speaks up on alleged cheating in their marriage.

The singer issued a statement to clarify rumors surrounding her split from Jason. Moira admitted that she’s going through “grieving and healing” and the "revelations of things that happened over the last two years have been difficult, painful, and heartbreaking to process."

But she set the records straight that she didn’t cheat during their marriage. “In spite of the pain I'm experiencing, let me set the record straight, while our marriage was not perfect, I have stayed true to my vows and I have never cheated on Jason," she wrote.

Moira Dela Torre speaks up on cheating in their marriage
Moira Dela Torre speaks up on cheating in their marriage | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Moira Dela Torre

Earlier, Jason admitted that he has been unfaithful to Moira and told her about it because he didn’t want to keep her in the dark anymore. The couple asked for privacy and refused to reveal any more details.

Moira continued, “This has not been easy on either of us and our families only wish to put an end to the speculations regarding what happened between Jason and I.”

"Though we're no longer together, it still hurts to see fabricated stories being told about us —most of which are so far from the truth," she added.

Earlier, rumors started circulating that Jason wasn’t the only one who cheated in their marriage. Moira was linked to fellow singer Zack Tabudlo.

Meanwhile, photos of Jason with a man aboard a flight also circulated with malicious accusations. The man in the photo who was tagged as the alleged 3rd party spoke up and denied the allegations.

Mac Merla went on Instagram to identify himself to be the man in the photo. He introduced himself to be the handler of Moira and Jason under Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. He said the photo was taken during their trip to Dubai and it was Moira herself who took the photo. He appealed:

"This is a very difficult time and we continue to pray for both of them,” he said.

"Pakiusap ko lang sana sa inyo bilang malapit nilang kaibigan na sana umiwas na tayo sa mga speculations na hindi nakakatulong sa napakahirap na sitwasyon na pinagdaraanan ni Moi and Jason," he added.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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