LOOK: Imee Marcos’ gown has lockets, chains, jewelry gifts from her late father

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Imee R. Marcos honored her late father, former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., by wearing some of the gifts he gave her during the inauguration of her brother President-elect Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. Thursday, June 30.

Senator Imee R. Marcos wore gifts from her late father and former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.
Senator Imee R. Marcos wore gifts from her late father and former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. on her sleeve | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Imee Marcos

The senator has graced the special day by wearing a blue-colored Filipiniana-inspired gown. The stunning gown was designed by Imee herself and was made by designer Rem Divino. The asymmetrical dress had intricate embellishments on one shoulder. A closer at the gown and you’ll see that those are not just ordinary sequins or accessories but lockets, chains, and pendants.

According to the senator, the embellishments were all remembrance of her late father. The chains, lockets, and pendants were all gifts to her from the late president.

On Instagram, the gown was described as, “Designed by Senator Imee R. Marcos herself, this sustainable opulent Filipiniana gown made by Rem Divino has restored lockets, chains, and pendants as embellishments, these were all gifts from her father - former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.”

Director Darryl Yap shared a short conversation he had with the senator who said she felt she was with her father on the inauguration day.

The director wrote,

“Phone Call. Darryl: Nandyan ka na Mam? Sino’ng kasama mo?
Senator Imee: I’m bringing my Dad, He’s with me. He’s in my arms…
NAGPAPAIYAK SA TANGHALI! We love you sen! I’m sure happy siya.”

Direk Darryl said in another post that Imee's gown was both poetic and sentimental because she wore the gifts while at the National Museum, the late president Marcos' former office.

“A Muse with a Museum in her sleeves. Standing out while sitting in the National Museum. Poetic and Sentimental,” he wrote.

Direk Darryl will be responsible for the upcoming movie, “Maid in Malacañang,” which will tell the Marcos family’s experience before they left Malacañang.

Imee’s gown was praised by many of their supporters and netizens. TV host Daphne Oseña-Paez commented, “Beautiful. Definitely owning her name Imelda Jr. Love our Manang.”

Comedienne Beverly Salviejo wrote, “Gorgeous!”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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